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In seven patients the guardian of children selected wards.

Faith Drobinsky in Astrakhan is known not only as an adoptive mother of seven children of patients (diagnoses of each of them belongs to the thick medical journals), but the active blogger ..

It was she who raised the noise around raznochinovskogo orphanage, where she says was tortured and abused children. They tested the prosecutor's office, the Commissioner for Children's Rights. Some of the information was confirmed. And in this week's live journal, a new post. Vera said that her January 16 came from the people care and other agencies trying to take it all foster children.

В«They insisted inspect my house, saying that they had received" signal "that I have abused children. The time was evening, I said, I can not afford it, and asked in connection with which an unscheduled inspection. They said they received "signal". "

According to Vera, the guests were behaving arrogantly told the children that they go to rehab. And all because of slander pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which accused the woman of abusing sick children.

Kids Astrakhanka not give them. And just yesterday wrote another message to Learn: she stopped paying the money for the children, although it is their feed and water and treats.

However, the Ministry of Social Development in that order, and signed another version of events. The complaint actually came from the pastor to the commissioner for children's rights. A children's ombudsman has already made known the statement to the guardianship.

- to 77 article of the Family Code, we must immediately respond to a message about child abuse. And to remove them until all the circumstances of the potentially dangerous environment. What we tried to do. But Vera Drobinsky refused and a scandal. Now the situation dealt staff investigation department. They check and our actions and the living conditions of children in the Faith, find out whether child abuse. On Monday, already the first results should be, - the Ministry.

officials denied the information on termination payments.

- Money will no longer list if children taken away from her. But we will not we take out children by force. So all the required payments to it are still coming to her - said in the administration of the Astrakhan region.

Meanwhile, Faith and shared guardianship of children, kids themselves go suppressed and oppressed. They benefit from this scandal just will not go.

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