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Governor of Astrakhan and bloggers: speaking for life.

Today I attended a meeting of the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin with bloggers ..

First attended such an event, not as a journalist, not as an employee of his press service, not as a PR person, but as a person for whom the blog has become a part of life and creativity.

talked about two hours. Most of that is natural, it took the speech of the region. The main theme - coming presidential election.

Gifted Children

opening remarks ("blogoshodkoy" well, does it can not tell - I do not like the word "gathering" in principle), Zhilkin said that for him to work with young people (thanks to Of course, San Sanych that still think I'm young) - is a separate project, some of them carried out by the youth, once again, politics. I asked for this phrase is not to be offended. According to him, are not to raise obedient "cogs." These character types, and I agree it does not need to "educate" or "grow." They hone. Most often crudely primitive and harsh. In order to get just what you need, and all - are standard. Here everything is different. Discussion, dialogue, conversation. Trying to bloggers told listeners his position. Without the pressure and differentiation, "who are not with us - that no one". It impresses.

Why Youth Project? "To show that today's hip to be successful, have the brains. Do not thump and roll, and strive to invent and achieve," - something like Zhilkin voiced its "global goal" to work with youth. And, of course, it is important to educate the next generation of managers who can then independently make important and responsible decisions. "I have today for controlling approximately 4500 young people in the Astrakhan region - said the Governor. - They are, that is you, I call the" whiz kids. "To which I just did not take offense. All right. Unless one implemented at least one project that did not pass all the way from idea to final 'product', it can be considered a child. figuratively, but true.

these "gifted" should set an example for those who are "drifting", lives, not trying to solve something or comprehend. And another problem - they should be in the future, the foundation of the middle class. To make it at least 60% of the population of Russia (or, at least, the Astrakhan region). Today the figure is known to be several times less. However, according to Zhilkina, an excess of aggressive, lose yourself in this life, always cranky. With this mess does not cook and can not build a future. Only able to destroy and, as a rule, they become even themselves are dead set against, the very same "cogs" that are used for political purposes, and then thrown out as useless.

How can "build itself" in the words of the governor? Must pass, pass it through all the processes occurring in society. This, of course, a figurative expression. Zhilkin told specifics. He himself was in the late 1980s - early 1990s, the regional Komsomol leader, very organically took the ideas of perestroika, started by Gorbachev. He believed "the wind of change", came together with colleagues from the political path. Let's not easy. Rusty the communist system was varied with a terrible squeak. Often hear something like "where are you, jerks, the fuss about? None of your business - politics, elections." But they went ahead. So Zhilkin was in 1988, passing the crucible of heated debates and harsh criticism, the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

way, the governor is not disingenuous. I told a friend, as in those years, he came to the neighborhood of the plant to them. Lenin and the local club met with young people. Among other things, the possibility of free sale of land, ie introduction of private property. "When he started talking about it, I got up - told a familiar - and, as an active member of the Komsomol, brought up on the ideas of socialism, he said sharply: what right have you, motherfucker, say, to make our Soviet land the subject of sale ? ". Me for it was nothing, by the way. Quietly went home, and even then not abused. "Well, is not an indicator of democratic reforms and freedom of speech?

But without this Zhilkina today simply would not exist. However, he believes, should be done to young people. Be active. As an example, called Alexander Alymova, who is running for deputy of the Duma of Astrakhan. "But a few years ago was totally radicalized person, - said Governor. - Certain ideological blinkers of some" comrades "who pursued a single goal - to take power. For them, these young people have always been a nobody. Soldiers who do not mind to sacrifice - new there. " But now an entirely different personality Alymov. "An example to follow?" - I thought. Of course, do not make unto thee an idol. But his activity - impressed the hell.

"Dishonest" election

speech touched upon the governor and subject very acute, as the election on December 4, which seemed to many (not without good reason though) dishonest, fraudulent, fraudulent, etc. According Zhilkina to what was going on around it, he reacted calmly. And not because such indifferent. Because a long time ago in Russia's history has had a similar moment. It is true, then it was over very, very bad.

Russia has nearly a century ago happened democratic elections. One of the priorities of the Provisional Government formed after Tsar Nicholas II left the throne voluntarily, was to convene a constituent assembly. That is, the national parliament. Alas, the officials too much sway. After the overthrow of the Provisional Government in October 1917 issue of the Constituent Assembly became paramount for all parties. The Bolsheviks, fearing the displeasure of the people, because the idea of a Constituent Assembly was very popular, have accelerated the planned elections. October 27, 1917 g, the CPC has adopted and published under the signature of Lenin's decree on the general election November 12, 1917

However, immediately after the election was that the Bolsheviks, intentions, choices ... there was no majority. The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly was opened 5 (18), 1918 in the Tauride Palace in Petrograd. It was attended by 410 deputies, the majority belonged to the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the centrists, the Bolsheviks and Left SRs had mandates 155 (38.5%). Naturally, the Communists in this state of affairs did not want to accept. And the meeting broke up in hell, arranging shooting particularly active. Thus began a bloody, terrible Civil War.

Why won a minority, proudly called themselves "Bolsheviks"? According to Zhilkin, one reason: mad, uncontrolled by anyone or anything aggressiveness, arrogance, a mad lust for power. This eventually led to the Civil War, and many terrible consequences: the destruction of the middle class, intellectuals, etc. Today, according to the governor, the situation is similar. The minority, who are members of numerous rallies in Moscow and other cities, unhappy with the results of elections and would like them to cancel.

may add from myself, they would receive anything. Just no luck. Firstly, there is no leader. Nemtsov, Bulk, Yavlinsky and others - not by Lenin in 1918. Each pulls the blanket over himself. Can not agree. Some remarks about Nemtsov's "colleagues" are worth. Everything about him is a prostitute, you morons, etc. I believe that on no other do not have a better opinion. So for someone to go to the masses, who are unhappy? For the impersonal, but very aggressive bunch of people who do not know what offer, but "the whole world of violence we break?"

"After 4 December, I watched that make the supreme power, - said Zhilkin. - She did the right thing. Do not let the process take its course, but they did not" turn off "although it could. This, says the governor, is the wisdom to make the third time in Russia to prevent the Civil War. Why in the third, but not the second?

cucumber juice and birch

Frankly, I was somewhat surprised to learn how to assess the effects of Zhilkin its participation in the democratic transition in 1991. Ever, he believes, in fact, the second civil war in Russia. Which lasted three days and could become a terrible nightmare, if the members of the Emergency Committee went through, and the legendary "Alpha" stormed "white house", where Yeltsin was hiding with supporters.

In the same way, in these three days of the August coup, and was Zhilkin. As he himself said, "in plaid pants, sweater, some" spent two nights on the roof of the "white house" with a gun in his hand - he spat on his MP are guaranteed in those years, a good salary, benefits and other privileges, and went to defend democracy . And he told me how to communicate with the tank crews Kantemirovskaya division, which were driven with a full ammunition to destroy the "white house". Fortunately, the shots rang out just then in the air. By the way, from one volley Zhilkin, according to him, even deprived of consciousness for a few minutes - so powerful was the sound and feel.

And then what? With horror, the defenders of the new democracies have seen how rapidly the Soviet Union collapsed. Just crumbled like a house of cards. The three-day Civil War knocked out from under the huge building last pile. And away we go ... Former deputies remained, as in a nightmare: they wanted freedom, but does not expect that everything will go so far and with irreparable consequences. Which, admittedly, halloo to one another to our state so far, and painful.

way, and then ran to the roof Zhilkin a democracy to defend? Yes, because it was a breath of freedom. Of the most dreamed about since the beginning of perestroika. "Meetings of the USSR Supreme Soviet, we looked at the central TV as entertainment, - told the governor. - This country did not have before: acute presentations, criticism, and controversy. Freedom of speech in its purest form." Enjoyed, in general, young men.

Even then, that while there was restructuring, the country has somehow suddenly ran out of food, they do not bother. According to the memoirs Zhilkin, a shop near Astrakhan teacher's college, and it is always amazed that there were two kinds of products: pickled cucumbers ("and, for some reason, a thick") and birch sap in three-liter jar. Buy a carton of milk was considered a triangular luck. "Doctor's" sausage to buy - good luck. And if you "took out" a stick of smoked or saveloy, you begin to envy. "" By the way, then, in times of shortage, the new year began to prepare for three to four months, so do not go out and buy, and "get it" - added Zhilkin .

All this - the consequences of those same political and economic reforms for which so fought Young Democrats.

A single

I intentionally did not write much about that conversation with the governor was dedicated to bloggers, in fact, not stories about rebellious youth Zhilkin. A forthcoming elections of the President. The head of the Astrakhan region outlined its position clear: "I will support. Active. In every way. Meet people. Supports the candidacy of Vladimir Putin. I - Governor, representing the" Putin's call. "It was the beginning of his team in the country of the processes leading to its renewal. In including the formation of civil society, which is much talk today on opposition rallies. "

That such a meeting. I was wondering. Cognitively. I managed to wean itself from the governor's words and his manner of talking about himself. As for Putin, then I will not bury our heads in the sand and make excuses. I have two arguments. First of all, except it still is not normal candidates. The coming to power of any other - it * oops. Secondly, and most importantly. After these words can be assumed that I had "caved in". Spit on such statements. I trust the governor. He asked for his support, as then, on December 4. I see no reason to say "no."

Konstantin Garanin,

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