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Seven enemies of sex.

Sex ... sex ... sex. In the morning, afternoon and evening. A fast, passionate and romantic. Regular! And, suddenly, imagine that not all of a it, you have a problem, although everything is as usual ..

But the enemy was not asleep, he sneaks up unexpectedly at the wrong time and there is failure in sex. But to do this did not happen, you need to know that quality sex seven principal enemies with which to cope, having met them face to face.

The biggest enemy number one

head. It was here that accumulates all the information about the conditions, restrictions, prohibitions, which we have no control.

enemy number 2

Alcohol. Of course, champagne creates a romantic atmosphere, the wine makes my head whirl of passion, but if you drink alcohol more than necessary, then there will have to choose - either sex or alcohol. Research suggests, the most unsatisfied women - is the wife of alcoholics. You should also remember that beer contributes to obesity in women, since it contains a female hormone - estrogen.

enemy number 3

smoking. Besides the fact that smoking and so harmful to health, found that 87% of cases of impotence, the main reason for its creation was an intensive smoking. Chances are, you might say, "I smoke already 5/10/20 years, and everything is fine!" Perhaps your case is an exception or are you just lying to yourself.

Enemy  4

Caffeine. Excessive drinks containing caffeine leads to a narrowing of blood vessels. Women heartbeat quickens, and men appear premature ejaculation. You need it?

enemy number 5

Medicine. There are medications that do not have adverse effects on our body, but most of the pharmacological agents if not literally kill you, it certainly weakens. Men should be careful when treating high blood pressure and diabetes. Women should pay special attention to antibiotics, as they reduce the microflora of the uterus. Also, most of the drugs reduce a woman's libido.

enemy number 6

mechanical treatment. If sex for you is just a mechanical value, ie discharge, then eventually he'll just get bored. It is better to engage in sex less often, but better.

enemy number 7

relation to your body. In the same way as women, men can stop to take care of your body (certainly not all). And as a result of this extra weight, bad breath, shortness of breath and fatigue do not contribute to the desire to give us something, not to mention sex.

All this only shows that all must comply with the measure, as overindulgence of alcohol or lack of attention can lead to a fatal outcome is not only about sex!

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