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Ksenia Sobchak, left the "Dom-2".

Ksenia Sobchak does not want to be leading the "House-2". The other day Xenia said it plans to change the scandalous telestroyku to something more serious.

Russian TV presenter, the budding journalist, blogger and socialite Ksenia Sobchak, noting the 30th anniversary, has decided to pursue their goals - to change and become more serious in the eyes of men. According telediva, it has already established a name for himself, even with ongoing scandals, which should now be used in another way. In addition, the daughter of the former mayor of St. Petersburg said that he no longer has the desire to be associated in the popular show "Dom-2", from which it started and telekarera.

For all the time her path to fame and success has made considerable Kseniya A. - she became a successful businesswoman, which account for two restaurants and a stake of "Euroset", behind a long list of programs and projects in which the blonde part or was the main character, more recently, she takes an active part in political events, started a romance with a State Duma deputy, and also joined the list of most influential people in the country. In a recent interview Sobchak admitted that she flatters such a situation, but she deserves it and.

В«I am skeptical about all kinds of ratings, but this is a serious assessment of the publication. And I will not deny, I am very pleased - it shows that I trust a particular audience. This rating has proved important: nobody I are engaged. This much I just can not blame anyone "- quoted telediva portal Apparently, this trust was Xenia's more expensive than the money received from the channel TNT, after all, she told reporters that no longer wants to lead a scandalous reality series, which has been leading for seven years - Sobchak was with the project since its inception - in 2004.

В«I would like to work in serious journalism and not to" Dom-2 ", and a serious political agenda. With the TV due to certain circumstances, while not, but I do it on the radio and some magazines. I want to be useful their country, but while I denied such a possibility "- honestly shared her plans for the future socialite.

Although Xenia and denies that while limited in the actions of many of its political revelations already on everyone's lips - the case in a restaurant with Belon oysters and Yakimenko, mocking a new member of the State Duma Maria Kozhevnikova and its influential "assistants" , the story of Vip-pass to the belt of the Virgin and the closure of the program "Unreal politics," after she took part in it. Rallies also not blonde left on the sidelines and even spoke to had come, which caused a storm of emotions, though not positive qualities.

However, in an interview with Sobchak assured that go into politics it is not going to, because its still completely satisfied with the place of the journalist and TV host seriously: "I am absolutely not looking at politics. What are you! And I was upset she did not Kozhevnikov, against which I have nothing but the fact that the Duma take obedient as Mary, who will just push buttons. I hold other ideological positions ...В».

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