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Astrakhan. Pre-election intrigue!.

4 March in Astrakhan, except for presidential elections, mayoral elections will be held, as well as the by-election to the City Duma ..

Dozens of candidates put forward their candidates, hoping to take a seat city parliament, the newly-free since December last year, when 8 out of 35 deputies went to the City Duma elections in other representative bodies (seven in obldumu - one in the State Duma).

most heated battle expected for the electoral district number 2, whose boundaries are at the very center of Astrakhan. They moved quite famous Astrakhan politicians and public figures.

This self-nominees: a businessman, a representative of the Kazakh-Russian company "Samrat Barys Company" Vladimir Dolgov, head of the regional public organization of the patriotic, legal and physical education of youth Iskanderbek Dairov, the infamous director of "Castro", a companion Shein Artemy Sergeenko, another "Shein," Renat Irizhipov, relative obldumy deputy, General Director of the group of companies "Pilot" Renata Batyrov Farhad Batyrov, a member of the law firm "ForPostYuga" Andrew Avdeev and social activist, blogger Alexander Alimov.

from the parties to the second District put forward: the ex-CEO of a garment factory, Paul Sukhanov (CPRF), a former top executive Paul Kashevarov port of Olya (CP), unknown to the general public Eugene Shepherds (EP) and Vyacheslav Zaitsev (LDPR ), general director of LLC "Trade House" Pilot-Trade ", a member of the" Legs of Russia. "

about the last gossips talk, though he is like a "torpedo" the head of the Civil Code "Pilot" Batyrov, but it was true or not, is not known.

Nomination Oleg Shein, one of three district of his close associates - Sergeenko, Irizhipova and Kashevarova - observers feel a kind of revenge of former State Duma deputy assistant to his former Alymova, which is rumored to have a better chance of winning. As we know, Alimov spoke with fierce criticism by Shein regional television in the past elections in the Russian parliament. So Alymov made a significant contribution to the loss of the head of the regional branch of "Fair Russia" of his parliamentary mandate, which he did not leave for 12 years. Because understandable panic Shein, which is entirely appropriate Alymova afraid of victory in the elections, after being the deputy, Alymov significantly add to the problems he and other questionable individuals who are afraid of loud publicity of their unsavory business.

By the way, today Alexander Alimov announced the successful completion of the collection of signatures for the registration, after which he along with other registered candidates will be released at the finish line an elective. And while it is Alymov not the only candidate who is nominated in the city legislature Astrakhan bloggers, but the only candidate who has announced raising funds for his campaign. Other candidates seem to rely on sponsors and big money with your own money, though, the laws of political technologies, invest their own money into his campaign can not be the same.

turns out Alymov win? Apparently, yes.

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