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Dismissed the head of the election committee, who refused the controversial recount.

In Volgograd oblizbirkom sacked chairman of the territorial election commission (TEC), Sergei Smirnov, which on 6 December last year refused to hold an illegal recount of votes in his district after the election.

Smirnov considers illegal dismissal: "None of the leaders with me said, the reasons for dismissal were not called, the claims did not show. And after the elections to the Duma, I even won an award. At the meeting oblizbirkoma I was not invited.

himself this time I was on vacation outside of Volgograd. " Ex-Chairman of the TEC is preparing a lawsuit in the regional court: "I will seek to recognize that the decision oblizbirkoma illegal, unjust and unreasonable."

According to "Kommersant", in late December in oblizbirkome discussed the resignation of two more chairs TEC Volgograd: Olga Goremykin (Central District) and Vladimir Titov (Traktorozavodskiy area).

Goremykina told "Kommersant" that before the New Year after a conversation with the leaders went to the regional commission to write a letter of resignation on their own, but along the way, "slipped, injured his leg and arm." "It was as if God himself did not allow me to such a step," - she said. "While I work, comment on speculation about a possible resignation can not. Legally, the same reasoning to release me from office at any time ", - said Vladimir Titov raktorozavodskogo TEC.

Volgograd Region in the State Duma elections gave only about 35% of "United Russia", and all three terizbirkoma not become involved in controversial ballot recount, organized at the direction oblizbirkoma December 6-7.

After conversion rates of the Party rose to 42%, while the number of ballots has increased by about 168 thousand in Volgograd procedure instigated discontent caused the federal government, because the new results diverged significantly from the data of the CEO "Elections", indicating that outright falsification. Ultimately, conversion was canceled, but, according to a source close to the regional electoral commission, terizbirkomy been pressure from the local election officials.

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