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Terrible accident in Volgograd.

Eight people were hospitalized, including one in serious condition as a result of the collision and cargo-passenger minibus "Gazel" Zhukov Avenue in Volgograd ..

According to the press service of the State Emergency Volgradskoy on the field yesterday at 10:30 minibus "Gazel", following the route 199 and "D / K Lenin - The area of the Renaissance - Mamaev Kurgan - The Settlement" and moving on the Avenue Zhukov in the center, opposite the cinema "Screen" collided with the truck "Gazelle".

В«Shuttle buses from the street should Zemlyachka toward the city center - soobschilainspektor to promote the traffic police of the Interior Ministry in Volgograd Irina Tseltsus.

- in route taxi driver lost control, drove into the lane designated for oncoming traffic, where the truck collided with a "Gazelle", which was moving right in the same direction.

Since the shuttle is literally twisted into the oncoming traffic, a collision occurred in the right side of the bus and truck in front of the "Gazelle". From the collision of two cars issued to the curb. "

The collision injuries of varying severity were eight people.

All of them, including one in serious condition, urgently hospitalized.

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