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Volgograd Governor Brovko received a "number" in the Kremlin's ranking.

In the Kremlin's ranking of governors, prepared jointly by the New Electoral Politics (FNEP), and Internet Media Agency ((Agency Internet Media) Head of Volgograd Region Administration has received "countВ» ..

Recall that in the penultimate ranking of activities in Anatolia Brovko appreciated " two, "and thus, the Head of Administration of Volgograd region has worsened its position to a minimum.

rating calculation is made by a simple evaluation scheme for a five-point scale. For each item in the ranking is calculated arithmetic mean, weighted by the main parameters, which include a set of factors that characterize the relationship to the regional authorities.

Among them: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of media coverage, recognition of the governor rating, rating the party from which nominated Governor, assess the level of trust to the governor; assessment of the level of confidence in the Russian government and President of the Russian Federation. As additional parameters are also considered factors that affect the political situation in the region.

For example, the parameter "level of concern" includes actions that may lead to the threat of political stability: riots and demonstrations, strikes, intra disputes, terrorism, street crime and increase t . etc. In comments to the staff specially trained staff fund, Anatoly Brovko called "half of delayed."

In particular, it states: "The fact that the governor of Volgograd A. Brovko been removed from his post, the media reported a few days before New Year. The information is not confirmed.

attention to the possible dismissal of staff due to decisions taken at the Kremlin in recent days. Head of the regions where the "United Russia" received the lowest result, may be replaced before February. Especially those governors whose rating and without the election consistently low. A. Brovko one of them. In addition, the governor of a "realistic" loss of control over the area, replacing the mayor of Volgograd R. Grebennikov managed to City Manager, which is not justified. "

Among governors, whose activity is estimated by the minimum value addition of Anatoly Brovko proved to be the head of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov, Kurgan Region, Oleg Bogomolov, Moscow region Boris Gromov and Arkhangelsk Region Ilya Mikhalchuk " honors "became the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov Bashkorstana - Rustem Khamitov, Yakutia - Yegor Borisov, Tyumen region - Vladimir Yakushev, Kaluga - Anatoly Artamonov, Orel - Alexander Kozlov.

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