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The psychic told me that waiting Astrakhan in 2012.

Last December, bioenergy and psychic from Astrakhan, finalist of one of the seasons, "Battle of psychics," said Tatiana Maksakova what would be 2011. .

Forecast Tatiana was pretty accurate. This year we asked again to share a psychic prediction.

the eve of the 2011 Tatiana said that the year will be choppy, but the troubles and tribulations of Astrakhan bypass side. And really, what did not happen in 2011. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the color revolutions in the Arab countries, the death of Osama bin Laden, al-Gaddafi, Kim Jong Il ... And in Astrakhan - peace and quiet. At this time Tatiana has promised us a year, which will have a lot of ... to think.

year will be fruitful

- This past year has been cleaned people's souls, a new higher power most especially to be punished for thoughts. Over the next year we think too much. And we need to think these were bright and positive. Depended on it much, even for some - life. It is therefore urgent to tune the positive and not let yourself get in next year's hate, get angry, just a pessimistic view of things.

According to the psychic, the next year will be very fruitful. Tatiana said that the happiest are those who can get out of apartments and live in a private home. Year of favors to people close to nature.

- In late 2011, people have rallied like never before, came to the rallies began to communicate more with the same interests. The following year, this trend will continue and worsen. People will gather a lot of talk and think, analyze, decide what to do next. Re-discover a druzhnost and unite in face of difficulties - says bioenergy.

mayoral elections no surprise

next year to choose the mayor of Astrakhan. According to Tatiana, this choice will not be a surprise, it has already happened and nobody will be surprised.

I saw a psychic and negative events that are waiting to Astrakhan.

- huge buildings, constructed in our city in place of green parks will attract bad events - she said. - You could not cut down trees and put in their place concrete boxes. This applies, in particular, and our new muzteatra.

According fortune teller, will save the situation only urgent planting greenery around the buildings in large numbers. Otherwise it may happen irreparable, until the destruction of buildings. In general, in her opinion, should actively plant trees and gardens city, it attracts positive energy.

Concerned thoughts, Astrakhan next year will be less to marry and have children, but not for long. The situation will improve in 2013. And not just for lovers. For example, the psychic promises a surge of small business development.

- The reason for this will be the numerous reforms that will begin in 2012. Changes will be many, and many will like us, - said Tatiana.

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