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A large release of chlorine in Volgograd.

Rumors large release of chlorine at a chemical factory in the Kirov district of Volgograd mass spread on Sunday January 8.

As reported in the State Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Volgograd region on January 8, from about noon to Volgograd began spreading rumors about a major industrial accident in a chlorine shop of a major industrial chemical plants south of the city - "caustic" or "Khimprom."

This information about the accident, allegedly conjugate with a large release of chlorine into the atmosphere, spreading, with links both to the workers of enterprises, as well as their friends and relatives.

Despite the holiday, the information was immediately tested with the involvement of both management companies and all regulatory authorities. In areas of anticipated release sent mobile laboratories. Environmental services performed measurements did not confirm the excess of the level of air pollution. At JSC "Khimprom" and JSC "Caustic" operational duty as well as management representatives also did not confirm the information on accidents and incidents, including those associated with emissions.

checked all messages sent to phones operational services, and found that a single message with a direct appeal to the smell of chlorine from the inhabitants of the Kirov district of Volgograd not.

Given that according to Hydrometeorological Sunday in Volgograd was blowing north-westerly wind speed of 1-2 meters per second, in the event of mass ejection in the suffocating odor complaints had come from the Soviet, and even parts of the Voroshilov Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd.

no such complaints have been recorded.

As noted in the State Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Volgograd region, the reason for such massive speculation can only be one - prolonged weekend. However, only one "emission of chlorine" possible alarmists were not limited to - in the Sunday online services also checked the panic about the alleged large-scale traffic accident with mass casualty involving a passenger bus on the highway Volgograd - Saratov - Syzran. Rumors about the accident and were not confirmed.

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