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Volgograd was detained with another corpse in the trunk.

In the broken car with a corpse in the trunk of a man detained in the district of the Volgograd region Pallasovka 31-year-old resident Sredneahtubinskogo region Volgograd region ..

As the senior assistant director of SU TFR in the Volgograd region of Media Relations Natalie Kunitsky, January 4, Sredneahtubinskim interdistrict investigation department opened a criminal investigation into the murder of a resident of Volgograd.

In hot pursuit were able to establish and hold a suspect - 31-year-old resident of Sredneahtubinskogo area.

found that the suspect lost the January 4 large sum of money in slot machines, and then contacted by telephone with a friend, asking to take him home.

By car he drove home, where he took his gun and asked to take him to his brother in the village Kommunar Leninsky district, allegedly for his younger sister.

In the settlement between the loser and the driver had a conflict, ostensibly over the future path of travel.

During a quarrel passenger fired a gun into the air, and after made a sighting shot in the chest with a friend. From his injuries the victim died on the spot. Seeing that his friend is dead, the suspect threw the corpse in the trunk, then got behind the wheel and headed for Pallasovka area.

Along the way he lost control and slid off the road into a ditch. There he was overtaken and law enforcement officials who reported a murder suspect's relatives.

are currently under investigation and operational-search activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the offense. With regard to the detainee at the request of the investigator to preventive measures in the form of detention. Guilt to the crime he admits in its entirety. Also investigating authorities will be given to all legal assessment information received, including the legality of finding the suspect firearm and actions of unidentified persons engaged in gambling in the territory of the Volgograd region.

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