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25 films that are worth seeing in the year 2012.

Roman project of Woody Allen and Tim Burton's remake, movies, winners and participants at the Cannes and Venice festivals, new adventures, "men in black", as well as the debut work of director Angelina Jolie - all these will appear in the Russian box office in 2012.

After the New Year, Jan. 19, at the Russian screens will be one of the main competition of Cannes Film 2011 - "What's wrong with Kevin," Lynne Ramsey. British actress Tilda Swinton plays the mother of a 15-year Kevin, who one day made a fire in their own school and at home. A woman, left alone among those who hate her inhabitants, trying to understand the causes of action of his son.

В«Chapiteau show" Sergei Loban, received on 33rd MIFF special jury prize, will be released in cinemas in Russia on January 26. Heroes of four novellas that make up the film, and intricately interwoven stories that come to the Crimea, where experiencing a kind of turning points in life. Some of them are in love, who is suffering from loneliness, one problem in the family and the other - at work. One of the main roles in the film played Peter Mamonov.

singer Madonna film "WE. Believe in Love ", premiered out of competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2011, in Russian cinemas can see already from 2 February.

based picture is based on the love story of the British king Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, an American, for the sake of which the monarch abdicated - Andrea Riseborough role performed by D'Arcy and James. The events of British history through the eyes of the girl shows Wally (Abbie Cornish), who lives in our time: she spends all day in the halls of the auction house Sotheby's, put up for auction by studying the artifacts associated with the history of Wallis Simpson and the heir to the British throne.

On February 9 cinemas will show the most anticipated domestic premiere in 2012 - the film "Faust" by Alexander Sokurov, won the Venice of the "Golden Lion".

Way of the film to the Russian audience was thorny, and in September 2011 the director even doubted whether even a movie shown in cinemas. The basis of tapes, which wrote the screenplay for Yuri Arabs, went to the first part of Goethe's eponymous product. "Faust" ends Sokurov historical tetralogy, which also includes such films as "Moloch", "Taurus" and "The Sun".

In the last month of winter, February 14, can be found directing George Clooney's "Ides of March", also claimed to "Golden Lion" in Venice, 2011. A

cient tells the story of the campaign of Howard Dean's presidential candidate in 2004 elections. In addition to the Cluny, in the film, which stars Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei.

Subsequently, on February 23, Russian viewers will be pleased with just two high-profile premieres. "Shame" with Steve McQueen Michael Fassbender as tormented by remorse erotomaniac. The actor received a Volpi Cup Venice Film Festival for Best Actor.

Also in the audience waiting for this day premiere "In the land of blood and honey" - the directorial debut of actress Angelina Jolie. The film is set during the civil war in Yugoslavia, and in the center of the story - love and Serb bosniyki, which happened in a Serbian concentration camp.

Released in the world rolling in December 2011, tape Jolie has already made a splash: Croatian journalist accused the actress of plagiarism, and the Serbs, Bosnian former prisoners of the camps, unhappy with the way the film shows the historical events.

output in the Russian movie rental classic of world cinema, Bela Hungarian director Tarr, "The Turin Horse," is scheduled for March 22. The picture begins with the mythical stories from the life of Nietzsche, the philosopher once saw as a cab driver beaten by a whip stubborn horse, approached her, put his arm around her neck, then the horse went home and shut up forever Nietzsche and spent the rest of his life in hospital for the mentally ill. The film is about six days in the life of a horse owner and his daughter, followed by the encounter with Nietzsche. The picture won the Jury Grand Prix "Silver Bear" at the Berlinale 2011, and, according to the director himself, will be the last in his work.

Also in the spring of moviegoers waiting for premiere of new film classics of world cinema Francis Ford Coppola - thriller "Between" will be released in cinemas in Russia on April 26.

Val Kilmer plays a writer who is creative in a protracted crisis. In search of inspiration is taken hero for an independent investigation into a series of murders that occurred in a small provincial town, the more so in a dream to him now and then a ghost girl.

Continuing the theme of the ghosts on May 10 screens of the country will come a new work by Tim Burton - the movie "Dark shadow", filmed by the television series of the same name late 60s and about the life of any evil spirits such as vampires, ghosts and witches.

main role - bloodsucker named Barnabas Collins - Burton plays the eternal protagonist Johnny Depp, a company that will make Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Later, in October 2012, the screens should get another job by Tim Burton - full-length animated remake of his own short films in 1984 "Frankenvinni" pro risen from the dead dog (picture on the first frame of film).

After 10 years since the last part of the story of the special agent, who are fighting the aliens and erase the memory for people, May 24 at the screen comes the film "Men in Black 3." The director's chair again took Barry Sonnenfeld, Steven Spielberg is producing the tape, and starring roles traditionally performed by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. But there are some innovations, such as traveling back in time, the use of the effect of 3D, Josh Brolin as a young agent Kay and Ethan Coen among writers.

The most recent film Wong Kar Wai, "Great Masters", which appears in the Russian box office on June 28, tells the story of martial arts master named Yip Man.

This man once taught the skills of the martial arts Bruce Lee. The film was conceived Kar Vai in 2005, but the shooting began only in 2009. Battle scenes for the film choreographer Yuen set Woo-Ping, known for his work on "The Matrix", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Kill Bill".

В«New Spider-Man" - is not the continuation of the trilogy with Sam Raimi Tobey McGuire in the title role, and the first part of the new franchise, which became a director in March Webb ("500 Days of Summer").

Peter Parker, a simple boy, bitten by a spider-mutant and transformed into a superhero, played by Andrew Garfield, his lover - Emma Stone, and the main villain, the mad professor of physics, became angry after the failed experiment of Lizards - Rice Evans .

Consistently one - jumping and flying spider-man of New York skyscrapers (now in 3D and IMAX). The Russian premiere will be held on July 5.

Continued kinokomiksa Batman director Christopher Nolan - "The Dark Knight: Rebirth of the Legend" - Russian fans will appreciate the 26 July. Gone into hiding for years to 8 years of a superhero in a black mask to return to the streets of Gotham City, where the rude villain Bane (Tom Hardy). In addition, Batman, who invariably plays Christian Bale, will meet with the mysterious Catwoman, her role in this part of the franchise plays Anne Hathaway.

new work directed by Michael Hoffman, starring in the 2009 film about the last days of Leo Tolstoy's "The Last Station," which received two nominations for "Oscar" will be released on Russian screens on September 13. "Gambit" - the history of London's adventurer and his podelnitsy from Texas, who together decide to cheat a wealthy collector and get him to buy a fake Monet. Actors - Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman and Colin Firth.

richest in high-profile premieres in the coming year will be November: in the first week of the month in cinemas in Russia will be released next Woody Allen film "Roman Holiday."

selecting the scene of Italy for his new project, the director will play in the film one of the main roles - father, who arrives with his wife in Rome, where they will meet with the future in-law. In addition to the Woody Allen film, which stars young actors Ellen Page ("Juno") and Jesse Eisenberg ("Social Network"), as well as stars of world cinema Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Ornella Muti and Roberto Benigni.

new part of the "James Bond", 23rd in a row, under the working title В«SkyfallВ» appear on the screens on November 1. The role of the British spy for the third time the actor Daniel Craig will perform, and the director's chair became the owner of "Oscar", directed by Sam Mendes. In the story in the new film would threaten the entire British intelligence MI-6, and in particular boss M, played by actress Judi Dench. The role of Bond's enemy - Spaniard Javier Bardem. For the "James Bond" in 2012 will be a jubilee - since the first film under the title "Dr. No" will be 50 years.

A week later, on 16 November, the screens will be released the second part of the fourth movie vampire saga - "Twilight. Saga. Daybreak: Part 2. " The director of the final part of the franchise once again became the Bill Condon. Bell, which has turned into a vampire and has given birth to his immortal beloved daughter Renesmee, Edward, live in harmony with her husband and a family friend, werewolf Jacob.

But the old problems have not gone away: the Volturi clan members do not believe that a child living with a vampire and a girl could be born naturally and believe that the Cullens are "paid" baby, and it is in the vampire world the most terrible crime. Actors still Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Subsequently, on November 22 in Russian cinemas can be viewed "gravitation" Alfonso Cuaron with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in the lead roles. The main characters - the astronauts flying the mission on the space station in a remote corner of the solar system.

As a result of a terrible accident kills nearly all the crew: the living are only two who were at that time in open space. Millions of miles from Earth, but heroes at all costs to find a way back home.

Also on this day will premiere a new tape, Tom Tykwer, "Cloud Atlas", which script is written the Wachowski brothers. The picture is a screen adaptation of the novel by writer David Mitchell, a newcomer to the short-list of the Booker Prize in 2004. The plot consists of six stories, which occur at different times - two of them belong to the distant future. The main characters of these seemingly unrelated to each other episodes are actually incarnations of the same soul.

last month in 2012 will appreciate the premiere of new film by Peter Jackson - December 13, the screens will be released "The Hobbit: an unexpected journey." Painting is a prequel trilogy, Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" and the adaptation of Tolkien's "The Hobbit, or There and Back", tells about the journey Bilbo Baggins and 13 dwarves treasure that belonged to the gnomes and stolen a dragon named Smaug.

Assist wizard Gandalf heroes, elves, eagles and even people. Young Bilbo Baggins played by actor Martin Freeman, in other roles - in the familiar "The Lord of the Rings" performers: Ian Makkelen, Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom. Special mention should also Stephen Fry, who played in the film role of the ruler of the city Esragota.

В«Life of Pi" director Ang Lee ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "Brokeback Mountain") - the screen Yann Martel book, which earned her the Booker Prize in 2002. The main character - an Indian boy who is shipwrecked spent nine months in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger together. The Russian premiere is scheduled for December 20.

In addition to movies, out of which officially appointed in 2012 to Russian hire, perhaps, will welcome "History arkanarskoy massacre" Alexis Herman.

directed adaptation of the novel worked on by the Strugatsky brothers' Hard to Be God "since 1999. The main character - Don Rumata (Leonid Yarmolnik) - is one of the so-called Earthlings, observers who monitor the proper development of the story on another planet, without interfering in the course of events, but only occasionally correcting them. However Rumata violates the rule and stands up for citizens of the state arkanara who lead a bloody battle with the enemies to enslave them.

in 2012 promise to release and hire a new director's work actress Renata Litvinova - "The Last Tale of Rita." Protagonists of history - three women who played herself Renata Litvinova, Tatiana and Olga Drubich cousin. The script was written as a picture Litvinova, but the music was written by singer Zemfira. It is known that the heroine works in a morgue Litvinova and helps people to leave the life beautiful. Because she spends with the heroine Olga Kuzina - Marguerite Gautier - last thirteen days of her life.

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