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Funny sms greetings on Christmas.

Sms pozdravdleniya Merry Christmas to your mobile! In this section you will find sms greetings on Christmas, written in verse. In addition, some congratulations are written with humor:).


Christmas too on the nose! Get your food on the table. Put lamb and marinade for meatier taste better. We celebrate Christmas, so that was all light. Happy holiday bright!


We congratulate you with Christmas. We wish you a joyous only minutes. We hope that now all the problems that await you in life.


This day is beautiful and clean. After all, Christ was born today. We will heartily congratulate and wish you love it.


Greetings Merry Christmas. In this holiday bright, clean, want to congratulate you heartily. We wish you a bright and positive feelings in the soul.


We congratulate you with Christmas. We wish you all-all. So as not to hurt, zdoroveli and that bloomed all around you!


Do not you denounced the rumor about the glorious feast of Christmas, which came to us today? Most cover the table, and remember that - Christmas! Let's celebrate it!


Dear friends! Let me inform you that today, January 7, we look forward to your visit. There will be plenty of food and drink. And do not say that you are atheist Christmas now! Do not Unscrew! We look forward to.


What, again? Only three days away from the feast, just go to work - and to you, Merry Christmas! Again, eat, drink, celebrate, and yet so like to work ...


In contrast to the New Year, which may be the year of Tiger, Rabbit, or some other creature of God, Christmas - only a human feast. Let's celebrate him as a human!


Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December 25. Orthodox Christmas - January 7. How nice to be tolerant agnostic and celebrate both Christmas! Today, by the way, what?


Who's knocking on your window? Do not tax inspector and not a strange homeless man with a sack on his back. But still have to share, Carol came and wishes Merry Christmas!


today, do not come home at night, you can say boldly that he was "in the carol," ie, "kolyadovat." However, there was a "goat" and to hell with it, with a goat. Rejoice, my friend. Merry Christmas!


kolyadovat and beggary - two different things. Do not need to beg from passers-by, and sing them better, "came to Carol," and you just served. Merry Christmas!


Want to impress the neighbors, heaps of them at midnight with carols. Make happy. Maybe it poured, and maybe even beat. As lucky. Merry Christmas!


On Christmas Eve, they say, the devil stealing the moon. Rather, have a drink, so in your eyes double vision. Sopret one - will the second. No we will not spoil Christmas. Happy Holidays!


Let betrothed, entertainers will come to you dressed up just before Christmas. Because Ouija shoe shoulder do not leave! Zashibesh betrothed!


Let the night before Christmas, but someone slips over the royal slippers for you. And if you can not find on who to fly, say, that suitable and modern with diamonds.


Thank nakolyaduysya not Christmas! Other meals and just take a sip you can. Let the smaller will be the attractions and more reasonable cases. Nravouchaya, I wish you happiness!


I wish you the Christmas yuletide dress up and scare people. Remember the adage that "the young, green walk commanded." Walk, do not let zagulivaysya!


If you want to warm it, the old custom, counted 12 bald before Christmas. What are their names, on the twelfth, very bald, cold and burst! Successful searches!


I want this Christmas to come off so forget all the useless, and everything you need to remember a couple of days! Even if only in your life this holiday may seem to you a carefree!


am sending you this sms to congratulate you with Christmas! She bewitched and can perform all your desires, so do not dare to remove it, and then the holiday will be bad!


Merry Christmas! And let the chill of winter and I wish you a hot of days that will not let you get bored! And if you call me an I, while in general will be a good reason!


Congratulations on a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas! Let my heart will always be peace and joy from the fact that the garage is a cool car, but the city is waiting for a chic mansion!


Let your purse be not only a lot of money, but the key to happiness! Merry Christmas, let the day run even the dreams that you yourself are afraid!


Do not worry, that the New Year was: come Christmas! Then comes Old New Year, and then I'll close until February 23 ... it would wish to celebrate, but there is always a reason!


Those who remember what this holiday is dedicated, now in the church. And those who have long forgotten - just happy evening in the family. Merry Christmas you, wherever you are!


Today, long ago, was born a good good guy. Little boy's parents called Jesus and Christians - God. For a birthday just is not a sin to drink! Happy you!


I offer that wins its novelty. Today, when we all sit at the dinner table, let's raise our glasses in unison and shout in chorus: "Lord! Happy Birthday! "


Catholics celebrate Christmas for two weeks before the Orthodox. And rightly so: there has to seventh of January at least someone to work! The truth is great that it is not we?

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