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In the Volgograd region will be dismissed 81 DPSnik.

In the Volgograd region regional administration of the Investigative Committee has completed the criminal investigation into the traffic policemen who solicited bribes from subordinates ..

As a result of law enforcement officers will be laid off two-thirds of all employees Battalion DPS.

Recall commander of the second battalion of the individual road traffic police sentry duty police for the Volgograd region, Oleg Kirpa, chief of police checkpoints and Eugene Alexander Karasev Perepelitsa and platoon commanders, Alexander Bondarenko and Sergei Nowak was arrested January 25, 2011 at the time of taking bribes from drivers.

The "Caucasian Knot", January 28, the court granted the petition of the investigator the investigation department of the TFR in the Volgograd region on the election delayed a preventive measure in the form of detention.

They were charged with extortion from truck drivers to the article "receiving a bribe by an organized group on a large scale, combined with the extortion."

According to investigators, a group in the spring of 2010 led the commander of the second battalion of the individual road traffic police sentry duty police for the Volgograd region, Oleg Kirpa. Also in the group included the heads of control posts and Perepelitsa Karasev and platoon commanders Novak and Bondarenko. The chiefs of the police station and platoon commanders on a monthly basis in large numbers received from an inspector battalion of 120 men bribes totaling at least 300 thousand rubles.

The members of the group threatened the dismissal of inspectors from the internal affairs or other harassment at work, the website of the RF IC.

Investigators believe that during this period in the group's activities have been involved almost all the traffic police officers who served on highway M-6 "Moscow - Volgograd." In an average week accused battered 120 000 rubles. And for the entire period they were about 5 million rubles, mo mmylkoy a representative of the investigation report, "Vedomosti".

Battalion Staff decided not to prosecute due to the fact that they helped solve the crime and voluntarily reported by all investigators. However, in accordance with the law "On Police" investigation submitted to the Interior Ministry asking them to consider the dismissal, said the publication "Driving."

As explained by the Head of Press Service of the Ministry of Interior in the Volgograd region, Svetlana Smolyaninov, mass layoffs battalion - a necessary measure.

According to paragraph 13 of Part 1 of Article 40 of the Federal Law on Police, one of the reasons for the dismissal of employees is just the termination of prosecution in cases of active repentance.

"CS RCS stopped prosecuting 81 police in connection with their repentance. Now is a very active recruitment, and in the near future staffing gap will be filled. Volgograd-Moscow route is not stripped will, and no pedestrians or motorists from cleaning staff inspectors will not suffer "- quoted Smolyaninov edition" V1 ".

Comments accused the commander of the battalion chiefs point the police and the platoon commanders, as well as information about the position of employees being terminated Battalion DPS at the moment no.

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