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Since January 1, increased penalties for traffic violations.

On January 1, 2012 increased the penalties for violation of traffic rules, in particular, for running a red light and behavior provokes the creation of "congestion". .

However, of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation ruled responsible for the lack of pass inspection with the exception of drivers of passenger taxis, buses, trucks, special vehicles.

will change the size and administrative penalties for certain violations of traffic. This includes changes to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations.

"So, since the new year to one thousand rubles, increase the fine for running a red light or prohibiting gesture regulator / he currently is 700 rubles /. Drivers who not stopped at the stop line, marked by road signs or road markings, will face a fine of 800 rubles / now a separate rate for this violation is not provided / ", - reported in the traffic police in Russia.

In addition, exit at junction or crossing the roadway in case of congestion, which forced the driver to stop, creating a barrier to vehicular traffic in the transverse direction, will be punished with an administrative fine in $ 1 thousand rubles / now - a warning or a fine of 100 rubles /.

"We believe that the tightening of the sanctions should be an effective measure to combat traffic congestion, - said Deputy Chief of the Division of traffic safety the Russian Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Vladimir police Kuzin. - After a lot of "congestion" is created now it is in these situations: the driver went to the busy crossroads and had to deal with it in stalled traffic, thus the flow of vehicles in the transverse direction. "

Up to 1 thousand rubles will increase the penalty for failure to comply with the requirements of the SDA to give way to vehicles using the advantage at roundabouts / still fine for this violation ranged from 100 to 200 rubles /.

Under changes come into force, with the help of video cameras will be committed only administrative violations on the roads, but also violations of town and country planning.

In addition to increasing administrative responsibility for certain offenses, the Code shall be made and some "relief" for motorists. Thus, since January 1, 2012 will be excluded the rate at which drivers are held accountable for the lack of carry coupon of passing the state inspection.

"However, due to the fact that the rules of the road the necessary amendments have not yet been made, the drivers must be formally on the windshield and send the police to check the ticket for passing state inspection - said Cousin. - But, since the norm that establishes the responsibility of the CAO is not possible, then no legal consequences for the driver if there is no coupon will not attack. "

Kuzin explained that the essence of the legislative changes is to reduce the list of documents which the driver must carry, and to simplify the control of the passage of vehicles technical inspection.

"which provides that the DPS will be sufficient to check only the presence of CTP insurance policy, which automatically means that the vehicle is not only insured, but also technically sound, since January 1, 2012 insurance will only be provided passing a vehicle inspection, "- said the general.

As for the administrative responsibility for driving, not having passed the state technical examination or inspection, then from 1 January 2012, it remains only for drivers of passenger taxis, buses or trucks, designed and equipped to transport people with the number of seating more than eight (except for space for the driver), and specialized vehicles designed and equipped for carriage of dangerous goods. This is due to the fact that these vehicles are inspected every six months.

On New Year's responsibility is introduced for drivers of passenger taxi for violating the rules of carriage of passengers and luggage, but the new provisions of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation will be used only after appropriate revisions to the Rules of the road. Since 1 January this year Taxis will be fined not more.

"On New Year's responsibility injected drivers for violating the rules of carriage of passengers and baggage," - said Deputy Chief of the Division of traffic safety the Russian Interior Ministry police Maj. Gen. Vladimir Kuzin.

According to him, for such violations include a lack of information provided in the cabin, non-issuance of cash receipt or receipts in the form of form of strict accountability, lack of taxi passenger tsvetograficheskoy scheme or identification lamp, failure to show driver's contract of affreightment, or a copy or purchase order to provide a vehicle for the carriage of passengers and baggage to order the carriage of passengers and luggage on request without a written contract of affreightment vehicle.

In addition, the penalty for charging from passengers in transit to order an indefinite number of persons boarding passengers in the vehicle provided for the carriage of passengers and luggage on request, without charge passengers for travel documents or the lack of a list of passengers , the lack of authorization to operate passenger and baggage passenger cab.

For the most part for the violations is introduced as a responsibility of an administrative fine ranging from 1 to 5 thousand rubles for drivers 10 to 50 thousand rubles for officials and from 30 to 200 thousand rubles for legal entities.

From 1 January 2012 to introduce the CAO responsible for the illegal installation on the vehicle identification light passenger taxi and coating the outer surfaces of the tsvetograficheskoy scheme.

for this violation is a penalty from the citizens - 2.5 thousand rubles, with the officers - 20 thousand rubles for legal entities - 500 thousand rubles. "This government registration plates are removed to eliminate the cause of the prohibition of exploitation, and illegal confiscation of lamp installed - Kuzin said. - For the control of such vehicle, as well as for the lack of carry permits to carry out the activities of passenger and baggage passenger taxi drivers will be at risk an administrative fine of 5 thousand rubles. "

However, the Russian traffic police deputy chief stressed that directly from 1 January 2012, staff DPS will not punish taxi drivers.

"It must be borne in mind that the new provisions of the Administrative Code will be used only after appropriate revisions to the Rules of the Road - explained Kuzin. - Amendments to the SDA should be defined the need for the taxi driver a permit and must be a ban on the operation of vehicles having to back of tsvetograficheskuyu scheme or on the roof of the passenger cab identification lights, in the absence of the driver of such vehicle a permit ".

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