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Spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties.

All men think their achievement spontaneous sex, three-quarters of women tend to worry about it ..

Before Christmas corporate events - around the corner. And if you believe the stories from the forums, it is New Year's corporative extremely rich in spontaneous sex.

phrase "new year" effect on many women simply mesmerizing - psychologists say. - Women with children believe in a miracle which certainly happens with them in the New Year's Eve. And corporate Christmas for them - this is the first step in this is the miracle.

On New Year's subconscious expectation of magic superimposed fumes of wine - and the "fairy prince" is the one by which in normal circumstances she is perfectly calm.

spontaneous sex on New Year's has a lot of corporate parties cons

first and most significant negative sex corporate parties on New Year's: a man sees sex seriously. Spontaneous sex for most men - is proof of their "slope" and nothing more. Funny, no non-binding adventure, which boasts a "narrow" range of forty men commanded by God.

Therefore, yielding to the temptation of spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties, do not be surprised at what is literally the next morning most of the male population of your office will know about you too much.

and color of your underwear - very cute and very little of what will be aware of all the men of your office. Try to talk with them afterwards about the case when looking at you, they recite in my mind all heard in the smoking room.

Add to this the fact that the girl, with very few exceptions, tend to see in the spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties start relationships. Compare the difference of opinion: for the man - crazy adventure for you - hope for something more. In such a mismatch - if not the whole drama of life, serious disappointment - exactly.

However, there is another option relations girl for spontaneous sex corporate parties on New Year's: "God Am I here yesterday with ?!.."

Yes, assessing what has happened on the eve of sober mind, and you can inadvertently fall into a depression.

Pros spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties

In spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties can be only two-plus.

first plus spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties: the ability to get a really good sex. How much hope for it? Well, not much: a nook under the stairs dusty Not every girl is ready to be considered sexually arousing.

However, some women find the best spontaneous sex. If you're one of them, the New corporate - your finest hour!

second plus spontaneous sex on New Year's corporate parties: the ability to start a relationship with those to whom you long ago put an eye. Good is the beginning or not - you decide.

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