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Who demolishes houses: The Ministry or a commercial organization?.

Sturm village on the coast of Istra reservoir began on Thursday, about 10 o'clock in the morning.

Living houses in the village Friday Solnechnogorskogo region near Moscow, whose houses are demolished today bailiffs, saying that the building of the village was carried out in the early 90-ies, in accordance with the law. They believe that members of the Ministry of Environment "are the order of oligarchs and involved redistribution of property."

The decision to demolish 13 houses built in the tourist "Ekaterininskie shafts, close to the village Saturday, was issued in September 2003, the court Solnechnogorskogo area.

В«The lawsuit was filed in the District Attorney Solnechnogorskogo interests SUEВ« Mosvodokanal В»and state - quotesВ« Trud В»word Oleg Astashenkova, attorney law firmВ« Padva and Partners В». - What is the state, however, did not specify. I guess that the socialist, as the court referred to the 49 th article of the old Civil Code - 1964. The article says that В«the transaction, done to the interests of the socialist societyВ» can be avoided. In my opinion, the court did not take into account that SUE В«MosvodokanalВ» - a purely commercial organization, is not endowed with supervisory functions В».

Experts say that the demolition of at least one building in the village Friday could fundamentally change the suburban housing market - in particular, the value of legally registered sites "will fly twice."

themselves residents of cottages, which are destroyed in the village, and will have to pay the State for the work of bailiffs and, in triple the amount. An estimated Anatoly Gara, head of press service of the General Directorate of Federal service of court bailiffs, we are talking about several hundred thousand rubles for the demolition of each house.

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