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Most Russians believe that the new Putin's presidency will not change anything in the development of the country.

Reflecting on the era in which it is best to live, the Russians still prefer the present, however, over the past 5 years the proportion of respondents fell from 52 to 47% ..

Reflecting on the era in which it is best to live, the Russians still prefer the present, however, over the past 5 years the proportion of respondents fell from 52 to 47%.

These data are published Russian Center for Public Opinion Research (VTsIOM) on the basis of the results of a survey conducted in 46 regions of Russia.

Fewer people admit that they would like to return to Brezhnev era (from 31 to 24% over six years). As before, the relatively few who want to be in pre-revolutionary Russia (6%), in the Stalinist era (5%). In a minority - Russians who dream of living in the days of Boris Yeltsin (2%).

live in Russia today like it, mostly supporters of the "United Russia" (62%) and youth (66%). Return of Brezhnev-era wish first of all adherents of the Communist Party (51%) and senior citizens (37%). In the same group of respondents most of those who would like to be in the Stalin period (14 and 9% respectively).

since Leonid Brezhnev, Russians today is mostly positive associations - in particular, the stability (10%), available services and prices (7%), lack of unemployment (5%) , the heyday of the Soviet Union (4%), the unity of nations. 11% are inclined positively assess that era in general.

negative associations rarely heard: "stasis" (14%), 4% overall assessed these times as heavy, 5% mentioned shortages and queues, and 1% - egalitarianism, "Iron Curtain" and the collapse of the country. The remaining respondents speak of the Brezhnev era is neutral, it gives them a nostalgia (3%) are associated with communism, the Komsomol, the Party Congresses (2%), 3% - with the image of the Brezhnev era.

Question about how justly be called the era of Brezhnev's "stagnation" is moot for the Russians. Some believe that this time the country really was in stagnation (38%), others - that this was a time of dynamic development (37%). Proponents of the first position - above all followers of the "United Russia" (45%) and non-parliamentary parties (48%), as well as middle-aged Russians (48%) and metropolitan residents (47%). Opposed by them as a rule the Communist Party supporters (66%), people of retirement age (58%) and rural residents (44%).

According to the Russians, the possible return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency rather give impetus to the development of the country (39%), rather than lead to "stagnation" (8%). A relative majority of respondents tend to think that this will not change anything fundamentally in developing countries (43%).

The fact that the return of Putin's presidency would help the country move forward and grow, we are convinced supporters of the "United Russia" (66%) of respondents approving of his work (55%) and youth (44%). Their opponents - is primarily the LDPR's electorate (20%) and those who negatively assess the work of the Prime Minister (20%).

The survey involved 1,600 people. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4%.

ruБольшинство россиян уверены, что новое президентство Путина ничего не изменит в развитии страны
deDie meisten Russen glauben, dass die neue Präsidentschaft Putins nichts ändern wird in der Entwicklung des Landes.
esLa mayorГ­a de los rusos cree que Putin la presidencia de la nueva no va a cambiar nada en el desarrollo del paГ­s.
frLa plupart des Russes estiment que la prГ©sidence du nouveau Poutine ne va rien changer dans le dГ©veloppement du pays.
itLa maggior parte dei russi crede che la presidenza Putin nuovo non cambierГ  nulla nello sviluppo del paese.

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