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The Russian government will take part in the capital markets structure.

The Russian government has supported the State Duma deputies proposed the postponement of the transfer of the capital markets in the structure ..

The Russian government has supported the State Duma deputies proposed the postponement of the transfer of the capital markets in the structure. This was stated by the First Vice-Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov on a conference in Moscow. "This only applies to non-agricultural markets in major cities," - he said. According to him, will set new terms for Moscow and St. Petersburg - July 1, 2012 (the legislation provide for the transfer of agricultural markets in the capital building in those cities from January 1, 2012), for the administrative centers of regions and cities with populations greater than 500 thousand people, dates moved to January 1, 2013 (now - from January 1, 2012).

For the remaining time of the transfer market in the capital structure does not change: the non-agricultural market in other settlements should be transferred to the capital building in 2013, agricultural markets across the country - since 2015 , Zubkov said. "It is our firm position," - he added.

Zubkov noted that work on the translation market in the capital building is slow, what has already drawn attention, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. According to Zubkov, according to the legislation since the beginning of next year's non-agricultural markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as cities with more than 500 thousand people are to be transferred from the temporary structures have been eliminated or redeveloped. These cities are now 32, they are 719 markets in which on October 1, less than 20% are located in the capital building (141 Market). At the same time in some cities work for the implementation of the rule of law is practically not carried out.

"in Moscow and St. Petersburg, working on placement of buildings in the capital markets are, in general, quite good pace. As of January 1 in those cities will be, respectively, 46 and 18 markets that meet the requirements of the law. "In addition I ask all interested federal agencies in the following year to organize a comprehensive system checks the implementation of legislation in this area," - said the first deputy prime minister. Federal law "On the retail market and on amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation ", adopted in 2006, established the time of the transfer of non-agricultural markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as cities with populations of more than 500 thousand people, the administrative center of the RF subjects from 1 January 2012. For all other non-agricultural markets, established a deadline of 1 in January 2013. For all agricultural and agricultural cooperative markets - from 1 January 2015. Zubkov said that the law identify the types of retail markets, the basic rules of the organization of their work requirements to the content area, the equipment market, security and order of trading places .

According to Zubkov, Rospotrebnadzor summer spent 2.5 thousand test markets (almost 80% of the total number of markets in the Russian Federation) and found violations in 90% of cases. These disorders are related to health legislation, consumer rights and the norms of the law of markets. "The indifference of the local authorities in the formation of market trading as a civilized member of the trading system is unacceptable," - said Zubkov. He noted that the market form of trade must meet its main objectives: to reduce the number of intermediaries between producer and consumer, "primarily for the benefit of end users - customers," - said the first deputy prime minister. He recalled that in late September, along with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited one of the capital of agricultural markets. "The impression was very positive," - said Zubkov. "The most important thing in the market selling farmers themselves - manufacturers of products" - he said. "This is an example of what regional authorities can carry out systematic work with the retail markets, and then achieved a positive effect on businesses and citizens," - Zubkov said.

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