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At the Volgograd "dancing" bridge installed dampers.

The bridge over the River Volga in Volgograd completed the installation of dampers (vibration absorbers) ..

On bridge over the River Volga in Volgograd completed the installation of dampers (vibration absorbers). According to the press service of the regional administration, Volgograd bridge - the only girder bridge in Russia, equipped with such equipment.

The decision to equip the bridge dampers were made on the basis of static and dynamic analysis in order to prevent abnormal situations such as occurred May 20, 2010, when the vibrations were fixed spans. According to experts, the best option to prevent them have been installed passive dynamic absorbers vibration damper with a weight of 20 tons each.

dampers installed on the three longest spans of the bridge. Funds for works amounting to 100 million rubles allocated from the federal budget. Technical work began in mid-summer of this year and were not limited to motorized traffic. Installation completed on time. Today, November 17, Head of Administration of the Volgograd region, Anatoly Brovko and vice-governor Yury Koval have visited the site and appreciated the work done.

"Now we can say that the problem of traffic safety at the bridge - completed. The system of measures to ensure the safe operation of the bridge is realized at 100%. Remember: after the" anomalous dance, "we found on the bridge automatic system monitoring and control of overflights. Transferred the local weather station in automatic mode. devised a plan of interaction of all departments in emergency situations to bridge the transition. And now completed the installation of dampers. It is safe to say that any fluctuations in construction bridge removed. Bridge is safe for motorists and pedestrians, "- said Governor of the Volgograd region, Anatoly Brovko.

bridge across the Volga River was called "dancing" in May last year, when construction of a sudden went to a "wave" amplitude of about one meter. Immediately after the incident was carried out a comprehensive study of all the structures of the bridge. Results were considered at a meeting with Transport Minister Igor Levitin, the Russian Federation. The experts found that the bridge was roused by a strong wind as a result of falling into a resonant wave of sharp aerodynamic loads.

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