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Turkish company is willing to participate in the implementation of the investment.

Representatives of the Turkish company "Chemsan" expressed their willingness to participate in an investment project in the Volgograd region ..

Representatives of the Turkish company "Chemsan" expressed their willingness to participate in the investment project "Establishment of primary production and deep processing of underworking maize output of 500 tons per day," in Volgograd region Novoanninskom area. A corresponding agreement was reached during a meeting with the head of Anatoly Brovko 17 November, the press service of the regional administration.

Previously, investment project was approved at the Volgograd Regional Investment Board and was included in the regional register of investment projects APC. It involves the construction of a specialized enterprise for the production of starch and starch products of international standards of quality. The investor of the project - JSC "Novoanninsky Bakery", and the firm "Chemsan" can be carried out supply of technological equipment. The meeting also addressed the issue of financing the construction with the use of credits Volgograd regional branch of OJSC "Russian Agricultural Bank."

Planned annual production capacity of the company include production of 81.8 tonnes of molasses, 25 tons of starch, 7.4 tons of dry gluten, 8.3 tons dry embryo and 30.2 tons of dry food. Key factors in the project are the proximity to a source of raw materials, growing demand and guaranteed demand for manufactured products. The project realization will allow to create an additional 420 jobs and provide over 10 sectors of the economy with high quality products. It's about the food, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, pulp and paper industries.

"In the Volgograd region, this project is important. Proximity to raw materials the company will significantly reduce production costs and the use of modern technology have a positive impact on their quality and competitiveness," - said the governor Anatoly Brovko.

In turn, representatives of the firm "Chemsan" noted that the work in the Volgograd region perspective, since investors are favorable conditions.

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