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Vladimir Diego: Caucasian issue and the future of Russia.

It's time to reveal the big secret. Since 1991, Russia is the loss of their sovereignty in the North Caucasus. Everyday social and existential realities of the local population taught to abandon defenses obey federal laws ..

Time to reveal the big secret. Since 1991, Russia is the loss of their sovereignty in the North Caucasus. Everyday social and existential realities of the local population taught to abandon defenses obey federal laws that are perceived not as derzhavoobrazuyuschego Institute, and as a source of profit for some, losses for others, anger for the third. From a single state-legal field region goes, so to speak, without prior arrangement. The law, with all its basic functions, associated in the public consciousness with no name Russia, and the names (or nicknames with eloquent) Republican officials, who have monopolized and shared everything on which you can cash in the first place - most cereal land.

to protect their personal interests mobilized departments, before guarding the interests of the people - their welfare and safety. It is here that lies the main threat - complete loss of moral health and, consequently, control society, fraught with social and political collapse, not only in the North Caucasus.

corrupt and hated by the people of the local authority is not given to be strong by definition. Perfectly aware of this, she tries to insure the support of Moscow, going to any tricks. She was important to convince the Kremlin in its indispensability in the circumstances. That is why "these circumstances" are created artificially. Ethnocratic elite atmosphere of state of emergency as necessary as air to justify its existence, forcing the Kremlin is not only turning a blind eye to things happening in the field of administrative and judicial tyranny, but also to pay tribute to her loyalty to the outside to the center. A favorite motto - "you can not rock the boat!" - Feudal princelings at Moscow. And she and I am glad to repeat it, pretending to not see that behind it lies the simple blackmail.

Even without too much surprise fans of conspiracy theories rather strange method of "fighting" with the authorities of the North Caucasus bandits and terrorists. Many of the criminals are not afraid of anyone, anywhere, and do not hide nagleyut every day, knowing that in a number of very good reasons no one will touch them, because some people it's simply not profitable. Of course, demonstrative of the victim on the altar of Themis must bring, but it is done rarely and very selectively.

there are other strange things. Moscow stands to demand improved performance in the fight against terrorism, as immediately appear relevant figures are presented captured insurgents, crime prevention, huge caches of weapons, etc. There are other "signs of the people." If you suddenly among the local security forces went to a rumor of the impending redundancy or financing, wait for "sharp deterioration" of the crime situation. The imagination involuntarily draws almost surreal scene: criminal congregation freely graze on lush meadows under the supervision of law enforcement pastors, until it comes time to pull out of the herd "lambs to the slaughter" in distribution list at the top. Let all these "breadwinners" in consumption once - it means losing their jobs, wages, rewards, career. In criminal nursery certainly need to leave someone in a divorce for at least simple reproduction.

breeding ground for dangerous trends in the distribution system becomes disproportionate federal subsidies for the North Caucasian republics. Variations in numbers in this system is very impressive reach of orders. As the center of generosity, as a rule, depends on the problematic of the subject, then the local elites appears a direct interest in the creation or, at least, in imitation of the problems that, by implication, the Kremlin must buy off. Artificially provoked headache for Moscow have long turned to hard currency and the seller. At this extorsive field is a match where there is indisputable leaders and obvious outsiders seeking to obtain a greater share of the budget pie.

Building in Chechnya, "the United Arab Emirates' on the money from the federal treasury," Allah gives the "causes of the North Caucasus neighbors envy and anger, and in the Russian public consciousness - outrage. It covers involuntarily, even those who seem to be aware that the Kremlin's power should in some material form to repent for the bombed-out in the 1990s Grozny, but at the same time, can not grasp why this should be done by people not bearing the slightest responsibility for the Chechen war.

There are powerful extra-regional forces and vnerossiyskie, or deeply interested in conservation, or further aggravation of the current situation in the North Caucasus. The region has long engaged in a "big game" with "great chessboard" of contemporary world politics. But how could anyone not tempted to use in this context, the word "conspiracy", it is totally inappropriate. Here it makes no sense at all to guess or suspect, because everything is absolutely clear and open. Is normal, brutal, honest in its own struggle for geopolitical, economic, cultural and civilizational and confessional division of the world in accordance with the changed post-Cold War relationship potential great powers. And you can be sure that if we want to lose this battle, then stop us, no one will. A prominent U.S. senator has promised even help. Once swept the Middle East and North Africa managed revolutions (the end of zero - the beginning of teens), he publicly stated that on the order of Russia. McCain did it in his unassumingly and vindictive nature. Other members of the highest political circles in the West - their name is legion - think the same way, but not as frank as arranged thin and lacking in contrast to the Vietnam War veteran, personal experience with the "Russian" rocket, nearly sent the young pilot McCain to the forefathers .

inescapable answer to "what to do?" basically know everything. And the "top" and "down". But for various reasons, are silent or keep back. However, in the North Caucasus voice crying sounds absolutely clearly. Indignant masses in the streets and squares of Beslan, Vladikavkaz, Nalchik, Makhachkala, Maikop, and other cities are asking desperately for one thing: "How long? What else needs to happen to the power of the Authority and has served as the direct duties and obligations to society!". These questions are addressed not Gorsky "presidents" that nobody ever believed, but the President, who still believe.

But this confidence is running out of resources. Because everything and everyone remain in their original locations, while continuing to enrich themselves and rob others. Regional elites skillfully exploited in general, just the idea that "the fish rots from the head." Questions they answer the question: "What do you want from us, when in Moscow is going God knows what". This tactic is a "translation arrow" works. She teaches public opinion to see in the malicious policy of the local leadership tacit Kremlin's blessing.

Like and the Kremlin has something to justify themselves. He can turn to the classics of the Soviet political aforistiki: "Other writers I have not." It is, however, does not save the situation. If there is no "other", what is permissible to doubt, then it must make available "writers" work differently, to find the vital stimulus that could radically change the philosophy and behavior of the ruling class. And, if you will use all methods of non-economic diversity and economic coercion.

have the powers that be, as a rule, there is another purpose and another important task, except for self-preservation and reproduction. This is neither good nor bad and. This is - a fact attributed to the nature of politics in general. And if so, then it must not eradicate (which is useless), and use. Concern for the safety and welfare of people should be advantageous for the politicians, prestigious and very necessary task.

The popular reference to "a difficult time for change", in which we are destined to live, relished those who settled in this time nourishing, comfortable and does not want to do absolutely nothing for that it was over. Rather, quietly praying for an extension Mammon "perfect moment", they are not quietly sabotage any attempt to change our common (and not intra-) life for the better. To soothe the Russians are not too happy to convince them that otherwise could not be "on a steep turn of history." Iron pattern, you see. And it can not be helped ...

No there is nothing of the "iron" when there is common sense, will and conscience of the people in power! In Russia, always knew the value of these concepts. Russian people - not only in the light of people with a strong sense of justice. However, historically they have it particularly acute due to the traditions of the community of the world, with its sacred relationship to the word "truth." In Russia, the trampling of the sanctuary "top", "lower classes" may endure for a long time, but unfortunately, as long lasting tragic consequences of the bursting of patience.

answer to the eternal Russian question "what to do?" there. Remove the motives, seductive or forcing a person to become a terrorist, fundamentalist, radical nationalist, separatist, covetous, criminal. Offer him an alternative, more attractive life scenario. Put each offender - regardless of social or economic status - in the face of imminent and inevitable punishment.

How to do it - the problem of operational and technical, in all its complexity in the current socio-political and moral disorder of Russian society, devoid of ideas, beliefs, wealth. In this society, yet still maintain the agreement on one point: that Russia should be the future, and its ailments, though serious, is not a death sentence. When completely exhausted, and this hope, the geopolitical dreams become reality Brzezinski.

Regardless of whether there is a historical predestination or not, and even more independent of us made for predictions, it is necessary to act. Do not delay, but do not panic. From what would end either get down to business, to be a powerful tool. It has long been invented and called the Institute of Power. In Russia in general and in the North Caucasus, in particular, it must be brought into working order. Only then will leverage the direct management of processes that take chaotic, and the direct impact on the causes and effects that are often deliberately confused.

in Russian history - the so-so happened - all the creative and destructive plans are generated "on top". Now institute authorities, including state-life, in which it is located in the North Caucasus, is the primary source and a catalyst for social and catastrophic trend. You can not spare neither strength nor the means to repair, conversion and, if necessary, a full update of this mechanism. The policy is very expensive, the savings on it - much more expensive.

The ruling class will never willingly go to infringement of its interests. It is also unlikely that it will encourage this instructive and cautionary picture of international shocks. Man-made "color" revolutions and riots nationwide natural - it is far from us and not about us. Thus, by the way, I think those Middle Eastern and African leaders, of which the other is no more. "We - not the Africa and Middle East" - says one. Perhaps, although it is better not to amuse yourself with this to avoid being to become so. After all, the globalization of the yard. The ruling and propertied will continue to ignore the objective reality in focus until the fall off the branch on which sat a friendly team of sawyers, with all of us. However, there is still a chance that the political elite would get life-saving prudence submit to the will, arguments and personal example of charismatic leader (or leaders), driven higher passion than the desire to stay and extend his term in power.

Nowhere in the world there is no excess of love for the rulers. They do not need to love - they are not to exist. The population of the North Caucasus does not like power, but still do not like the lack thereof, which has never been greater, update of the relationship between freedom and security. Mass consciousness is not just loyal to the idea of strengthening the vertical of power - it needs to move at last from words to deeds. Ordinary working people are ready for a strategic alliance with the Kremlin in curbing the boundless riot of "their" political elites. "Nisa" waiting for clear signals about Moscow's determination to take a new course. Instead, the only audible voice: "Enough to feed the Caucasus". Go and explain the essence of this slogan to some school teacher from Maikop, Nalchik, Vladikavkaz, Makhachkala, who dedicated her life to a favorite cause to terminate her in poverty and obscurity. Or World War II veterans and their families, who know from their elders about the price of our common one for all, victory. How should understand the message of "the capital of our country" living out his hard hard worker age, who left his health in hazardous work - as is still the actual motto, "would have lived my own country?" In whose arms will push this new-fashioned slogan already lost her guidance young people?

Feed and actually have enough ... those who have long been fed at another's expense, and not only in the North Caucasus. The whole motley postperestroika International privatizers in the law - in plain sight, in hearing, on the teeth. Was it not he, the case heats up the nationalist theme in popular bloggers pravdorubtsev possibly (though unlikely), do not even realize until the end, under whose tune they dance. If someone says, "enough to feed a stranger Caucasus," he wittingly or unwittingly offers to feed "their" parasites, whose appetites are roomy. And then, what is "ours"? Russian nationality? If so, how many among them forbsovskih "heroes of our time" on the soul, so to speak, the titular population? Is it worth an imperial country, in fact turned into a cross-national issue of who someone who feeds and feed someone? Is not it better to understand, finally, that the people who are for the division along ethnic lines (and sectarian) lines, thus want to protect themselves from the consequences of disengagement from social property, if anything, the class principle? Who would have told them that the fire did not extinguish gasoline?

Unfortunately, sow discord is easier than to work for peace and harmony. The simpler, more often than some members of the Caucasian youth, challenging one and all, demonstrate on the streets of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, or simply disgusting specimens of criminal behavior. Muscovite hereditary or St. Petersburg, not just the Russian by birth, not like when the historic territory of its cultural habitat with established rules and customs of the city come to conquer the bad (or otherwise) educated people, bringing with them not only different manners, but also that that it is a shame and the Caucasus. Many of them, however, difficult to understand why everything is possible, but they can not take part in the orgy of capital that are advertised on television around the clock as a new evaluative, behavioral standards, symbolizing the "advancement," "emancipation," "creativity," and God knows what more.

General spiritless, dehumanized, corrupting atmosphere of feasting and some other vegetating irresistibly attracts Caucasian "Rastignac, the conquistadors" of all stripes who are a little "will fit where I was born," and which are set in their own fair question - than they are worse than those of non-Caucasians, who so eagerly responded to the call: "Take from life to the maximum tends to infinity, and lend at a minimum, approaching to zero." Frankly - so openly. In many respects the "Russian" metropolitan youth, not sparkling virtues, according to those "structures of everyday life" who, because of their undemanding, readily accepted coming to Moscow Mountain neophytes globalization. But it's a reflex disturbance "Muscovites." Why? Because "we" can, and "they" can not, that's all.

No, not all. Russian society and Russian leaders have long to find answers to these questions and more. Search for truth, regardless of their degree biased. And to find. To begin with - to deeply grasp what was happening. And then decide what to do - to live with it or get rid?

Our supreme rulers refrained from revolutionary methods of the spiritual health of society, although the importance of its talk time. Their sincerity is no doubt. Maybe.

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