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Astrakhan landfill death.

The investigation into the deaths of soldiers at the training ground in Astrakhan region Ashuluk is at the level of the North Caucasian Military District ..

Investigation Committee announced the first version of what happened.

- According to investigators, September 20, 2011 at the site Ashuluk in the Astrakhan region, in the exercise "Shield of the Union - 2011" ground attack aircraft performed the launch of missiles "ground-air." For an unknown reason, one of the released missile strayed off course and exploded a few kilometers from the intended target. As a result, two injured in military service by conscription of soldiers who have been hospitalized. After some time, despite urgent action, was pronounced dead soldier army of 03 013 ordinary Alexander Vasin.

As the press-secretary of the investigative committee of the North Caucasian Military Prosecutor Diana Elovskaya, into the death of soldier in military service by conscription, prosecuted for the crime under Part 2 of Art. 349 of the Criminal Code (violation of rules for handling weapons and items posing a danger to others).

In turn, the commander of military unit, 28 004, Major-General Vladimir Degrees told that the death of a soldier not occurred during training exercises, and to prepare for it. According to the military, the soldiers left the shelter when done testing of ground targets from the air. What not to do so.

few other details give the defenders. Lawyer Astrakhan Committee of Soldiers' Mothers Vladimir Sahlin told that the number of victims was much more:

- One of the boys killed the rocket, the second died in a tent, a third down from the platform. The fourth soldier, also a victim of the rocket is in the hospital.

As explained later, Vladimir Sahlin, has fallen from the platform, no soldier was killed during an exercise, but on the same day - September 20 - in Seroglazovke.

list of dead and wounded in Ashuluk

Vasin Alexander, born in 1989, Ryazan - killed

Kunayev Artem Nikolaevich, born 1993, Saratov - killed

Chudanov Denis N., Arkhangelsk - killed

Boys Ivan Sergeyevich, p. 1992., Volgograd - wounded in the hospital

previous accidents at the site

April 2011 - draftee Viktor Buryachenko went to collect firewood and hit a projectile. The guy lost his eye and fingers.

August 23 - explosion at the landfill Ashuluk killed eight soldiers and injured another eight.

September 20 - a new tragedy.

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