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In Astrakhan, wound up Spiderman.

Just to sit on his balcony on the 9th floor, smoking and drinking beer 31-year-old Astrakhan seemed boring. So he decided to walk in other people's balconies ....

It was late at night on July 8 in a nine-Astrakhan.

- Out on the street a man in a familiar way for some reason did not want to - said the investigator investigation department in Leninsky district of Raman Nader television.

climber on the way decided to go to the neighbors. Balcony door of the apartment on the 8th floor were open. Passing the sleeping lady, a man strode into the kitchen. He looked into the fridge. Found a beer, a good snack, and decided to stay.

but eat and drink, not nashumev, it has not happened. I woke up the hostess. The frightened woman began to scream and kick the intruder. That the words "Hail to you that nothing did," withdrew from the apartment. Chose not to retreat through the door, and as he came - via the balcony.

missed a few missions, "Spider-Man" reached the 3rd floor. Here he saw a neighbor came out to the balcony. The woman raised a cry:

- Get out of here, now my husband will call!

stranger did not take any chances and followed the advice. But not climbed down and back - up. On the 6th floor has decided to stop. Passed through the bedroom, where rested the 12-year-old boy. In the hall he saw the sleeping woman. Beside her lay her 3-year-old son. Since food and drink he will not want to think about other pleasures.

man accosted a woman. Do not know what would be the end of it, if it had not woken up baby. His mother asked to take him to another room.

attacker agreed and even offered to accompany the boy. His victim followed him and at the exit of the room rushed to the front door. Astrakhanka jumped out and ran into a convenience store, where called the police.

- At this time the entrance was already standing order, caused by neighbors - said the investigator. - But she was so frightened that he did not notice.

But police considered the perfect get past the lady in the negligee, with a completely naked man being chased. But decided that this is a common household quarrel, no relation to the call.

- Suspect detained clothes police, caused most of the victim - said Nadir television.

A rapist was given failed his undies. Before you begin to stick to the woman, he took them off. Neatly folded and placed on an ironing board.

working dog, which arrived with the police at once took the trail. A man hiding in the bushes near the entrance.

- The criminal investigation is completed in the near future it will be sent to the prosecutor for approval of a conviction. And then in court - sums Nader television.

Unlucky "Spiderman" was charged with attempted sexual assault, as well as illegal entry into someone else's home. Only one of the episodes he faces up to 10 years imprisonment. How many will in the aggregate, will determine the court.

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