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Authorities in Volgograd disown Anna Chapman.

In the Volgograd Regional Administration denied the appointment of Anna Chapman assistant governor, calling on the official site of the Sochi investment forum and an informal information does not correspond to reality ..

Experts agreed that the participation of former scouts in the Volgograd delegation at the "Sochi-2011" in which she was not there status, can attract attention to the region, both Russian and foreign investors.

unexpected news that the infamous "Agent 90-60-90" has a position in the administration of the Volgograd region, came from the Jubilee opened today, the tenth, the International Investment Forum "Sochi -2011. " The list of participants was listed Anna Chapman, located in the position of Assistant Head of Administration of Volgograd region.

This news was particularly intriguing in light of the fact that not all appointments in the Administration of Volgograd region has recently been publicized.

So did a lot of noise about the new appointment being investigated on suspicion of fraud and illegal business activities of Roman Sozarukova reporters learned from confidential sources. Later, these data on condition of anonymity confirmed a source in the apparatus of the governor, but the official information on the appointment of an adviser Sozarukova governor on the site of the regional administration has not appeared.

This time, the regional administration embraced posted on the official website of the Sochi investment forum information in arms, claiming that it is not true.

В«No assistant or advisor to the governor Anna Chapman is not - categorically stated in the staff governor of the Volgograd region. - Information on the site Investment Forum is unofficial and not true. But Anna Chapman actually is today in Sochi, and may take part in the presentation of Volgograd exposure. "

State in which the former spy to take part in the presentation of the exposition of the Volgograd region, a source in the office refused to name the governor, calling the issue unimportant.

Strizoe Political analyst Alexander believes that is not officially confirmed by the appointment of Anna Chapman is the result of some secret agreement, which is why the regional administration does not want to advertise it.

В«I think that both of these purposes - Roman Sozarukova and Anna Chapman - are a reflection of some informal arrangements, - says Mr. Strizoe. - This happens in politics, it is only important with whom these agreements are concluded. As for Sozarukova, this man of dubious reputation, and his return to the administration of the region did not strengthen the authority of the governor and the government generally. Anna Chapman - is another matter. She is a PR-arms, she has fame, even scandalous, and fame in the TV-together. It is likely that all of this, it will now be used to promote projects of the administration of the Volgograd region, in some way would be her face. But frankly, this weapon is for the case when there is no other arguments. "

analyst Vitaly Arkov believes that the new status of "Agent 90-60-90" and her participation in the Sochi forum in the Volgograd region delegation can play a good service.

В«As I recall, an assistant and advisor - it vnestrukturnye units bearing public pressure - said Mr. Arkov. - With regard to the material component, salaries, here I was not competent. But legally, neither one nor the other members of the administration are not. Perhaps this is why data on appointments, there was no official information. With regard to Sochi, it is quite an interesting move. Kuschenko-Chapman's often in Volgograd on a private visit at the same time serves as a member of the public council MGER. She visits with charitable purposes orphanages and hospitals. Moreover, these visits it quite poorly illuminated, including the "United Russia". Hopefully, this is because it adheres to the principle: "Good things going on behind the scenes should be."

the expert's opinion, the appearance of Anna Chapman as part of the delegation in Sochi, Volgograd could attract interest to our region as well as a former spy is still a vibrant media figure.

В«I do not know, however, whether this will affect on the number of contracts that are up to the forum will conclude by representatives of the Volgograd region - Vitali Arkov negotiated. - But the fact that it will make a splash - no doubt. Almost certainly its participation in the International Investment Forum will attract the attention of foreign media, in which Chapman uses a special "love". Volgograd region in this regard has a good chance to get a powerful PR-momentum. This could become a contribution to the development of Anna Vasilyevna his small homeland В».

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