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Prokhorov has refused to "The Right Cause ', offering supporters to leave the party and form a new one.


Leader "just cause" Mikhail Prokhorov in a building at the Congress of the Russian Academy of Sciences has invited its supporters to get out of the party and form a new, as "just cause" has discredited itself.

В«Congress spoofed, but judged from a formal point of view of hard ... I have another suggestion - to refuse to participate in this party. And explained that "just cause" discredited themselves - this is not the party for which your supporters to vote "- Prokhorov said at the Congress.

В«Then, quietly, I will talk with the leaders of the country - start with a social movement, then Let us political party because the leadership of the country at the moment itself aloof" - he said.

Meanwhile, opponents are going to Prokhorov Thursday at the World Trade Center. Expelled from the party on the eve of a major functionary Andrey Bogdanov said, "Interfax" that this Congress' plan to change the constitution to make it more democratic, to decide on the leader ".

night party site was hacked, said, "Russian news service" advisor Julian Slaschova Prokhorov. On the site there is only main page, where it was placed in the announcement that the Congress will be held at the World Trade Center. This site is restored.

On Wednesday it became known that the Congress party "just cause", "went on an unexpected scenario." According to the source "Gazety.Ru" in the party, in Congress, took part of the delegates, whose presence was not originally planned. At the same time before it was reported that the congress will seek to Prokhorov bias.

After that, it was reported that Prokhorov will hold a press conference and announced the voluntary withdrawal from the party. Instead, however, Prokhorov said he would not go anywhere, and expelled from the Party functionaries of several major - and Andrei Bogdanov brothers Ryavkin. It also terminated the powers of the executive committee of heads of the executive committee Andrei Dunayev and in full force.

ruПрохоров отказался от «Правого дела», предлагает сторонникам выйти из партии и сформировать новую
deProchorow hat "die richtige Sache" abgelehnt, mit Anhängern der Partei zu verlassen und eine neue zu bilden.
esProkhorov se ha negado a "una causa justa", que ofrece los partidarios de dejar el partido y formar uno nuevo.
frProkhorov a refusГ© de "la bonne causeВ», offrant des partisans de quitter le parti et former un nouveau.
itProkhorov ha rifiutato di "La giusta causa ', offrendo i sostenitori di lasciare il partito e formare una nuova.

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