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Volgograd was sentenced to five years in prison for beating a man.

Soviet District Court of Volgograd has sentenced previously convicted of soliciting a 33-year-old Alexis Buhatkinu known in criminal circles as "Bukatan" ..

He was found guilty of crimes specified in Part 2. Art. 116 of the Criminal Code (battery, perfect of hooliganism), h 2. st.213 (hooliganism committed by a group of persons in collusion with the use of weapons), p.1 Art. 118 of the Criminal Code (causing grievous bodily harm through negligence), Part 2, Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (acquisition, transport and transfer of firearms group of persons by prior agreement). As reported IA "Height 102" the press service of the court, Buhatkinu sentenced to five years imprisonment in the colony.

Court found that Alex Buhatkin together with an unidentified person who was born beat Uzbekistan, told the news agency of the Soviet District Attorney Paul Smagorinsky.

Gastarbeiter allegedly removed the portion not Buhatkina of debris, although he was paid 40 thousand rubles. Some time later Buhatkin and his friend came back already with a firearm. Comrade Buhatkina issued machine gun fire into the air, but he fired his gun in the opposite direction from the TT stationed nearby to the conflict side. However, the bullet ricocheted from the surface of the metal fence and hit the victim, causing serious harm to his health. At the moment the sentence is under appeal.

recall that Alex Buhatkin not the first time become involved in the case. Earlier, IA "Height 102" reported that he had been sentenced by the Soviet District Court to five years of probation for extortion and willful injury of moderate severity.

Court found in the New Year's Eve 2009 Buhatkin once outside the restaurant, "Volgograd", located in the building of the eponymous hotel in the Central district of Volgograd, gratuitously beat up a random counter. He struck in the jaw to the man who stood on the street. With sports and combat skills, "Bukatan" one blow broke the jaw of a man in two places, causing thereby injury of moderate severity.

In addition, in April 2008 Buhatkin and his accomplice tried to extort a tenant of one of the shopping pavilions Karnaukhova U.S. $ 30 000 for what he allegedly defamed him. The fact that "Bukatanu" from his friend received information that Karnaukhov taking on his name, demands from employers for 5000 rubles a month for "protection racket" to their business.

Scared threats Karnaukhov was forced to hand over extortion amount of $ 100 000.

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