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In Astrakhan, building protection zone can lead to disaster.

The prosecution's testing has revealed the fact of abandonment vodoograditelnogo shaft, located in Astrakhan, on the peninsula of the Proletarian, which is building homes. .

Settling in this area can lead to disaster, say local residents.

"We had a great many years of work to inform

law enforcement officials that the peninsula is the Proletarian illegal construction in floodplains, "- told the correspondent of Hope Gogolev, assistant to State Duma deputy Oleg Shein, director of the Astrakhan school number 74.

According Gogoleva 'The work is slow, but sooner or later vodoograditelny shaft will be placed on the balance of the city administration, and then the house built in floodplains will be demolished and no building in this place will not. "

assistant deputy added that the next action of the initiative group of citizens will be treated in the Soviet District Court of Astrakhan, on September 27.

initiative group of citizens, which is fighting against illegal, according to them, building in floodplains Proletarian Peninsula, has repeatedly appealed to the written application to the local police, prosecutors, and environmental inter-district prosecutor's office. The activists reported numerous violations of law committed by the construction company and the administration of Astrakhan.

a PhD in law Andrew Degterev said that the abandonment vodoograditelnogo shaft can cause flooding of the city during the spring floods. Also, according to a local resident, and abandonment of the shaft, "allowed the municipality to provide land for construction in floodplains, which is illegal."

Degterev Andrew noted that the campuses in the water protection zone of sewer pipes in the event of a breakthrough during the spring flood can be a source of massive pollution of the Volga.

Degterev previously reported that in 2004 the water protection zone, located north of the enterprise "Avtomost" on the peninsula of Proletarian Soviet district of Astrakhan has begun construction of a house.

In February 2005, Astrakhan Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office prohibited the building, but despite this, it continued. By 2011, adjacent to the first house there were four cottages. Now in the place of construction work performed for the construction of riverbank tourism base.

floodplain forest cut down and moved to the fertile soil over an area of 60 thousand square meters. The five homes placed upon sewage, water and gas. In this vodoograditelny shaft was breaking. There is a danger of flooding infrastructure by flood waters, as in this place, judging by a special sign, the level of flooding can be up to five meters.

According to information provided by the correspondent of management of land resources administration of the city of Astrakhan, in the Soviet area, on the street. 2nd Admiralty, any work related to the development of land no longer produced. Land is not fenced. The fact of cutting down trees on them is not fixed.

Deputy Head of Department informed that the surveyed land area of 11 thousand square meters, 29 thousand 850 square meters. and 11 thousand square meters. m resolution of the City Administration leased from May 12, 2010 to November 24, 2012 for the construction of the recreation center. Violations of land legislation in these plots at the time of the survey, he said, were not identified.

At the same time, responding to the treatment of the initiative group, prosecutors

Astrakhan region has reviewed and found that vodoograditelny shaft located on a peninsula Proletarian "is abandoned, there is subsidence of the shaft throughout the length of the shaft made a deliberate break."

In this regard, the Soviet District Prosecutor's Office of Astrakhan in March 2010 sued the petition to invalidate the City Hall of inaction, "associated with nepostanovkoy registered as ownerless property gidrotehnicheskogogo facilities - vodoograditelnogo shaft of companies ... Company "Astrakhan Avtomost" to the end of the street the Admiralty. " Adjusted length of the shaft was 1276.35 meters.

Kirov District Court May 12, 2010 the prosecutor has satisfied the requirements in full. But the mayor's office still has not complied with the court decision.

violations of legislation in the provision of land Prosecutor of the Astrakhan region has not revealed. Prosecutor refers to Part 4 of Article 65 of the Water Code, which authorizes the construction within the boundaries of water protection areas "subject to the equipment of such facilities facilities, which provide protection of water bodies from pollution and depletion of water."

, however, prosecutors discovered irregularities in the construction of buildings 4 and 8 on the street. 3rd Ivanovo. The hosts built homes do not have permits. The construction of the other three homes in 2010, according to prosecutors, "has taken place." The perpetrators were brought to administrative responsibility. Also check the prosecution revealed that the CBM of Astrakhan "Astrvodokanal" conducted excavations on the arrangement of water supply and sanitation for homes being built "without permission of the local government." Perpetrators are also subject to administrative liability.

"Caucasian Knot" reported on the felling of trees in floodplain forests

land, located north of the industrial base OOO SK "Astrakhan Avtomost." July 17, 2011 locals had

protest, demanding to stop logging of forest plantations. In

interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office told said that deforestation is legal.

At the same time, Acting Head of Department for Supervision over the implementation of federal legislation prosecutors Astrakhan Dmitry Boldyrev, in a letter to Nadezhda Gogoleva noted that the fact of cutting down of forest plantations on the peninsula of the Proletarian in May 2010 has already instituted a criminal case. Prosecutors also noted the poor performance of bailiffs and police in Astrakhan, related to violations discovered on the peninsula, the Proletarian.

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