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Fourteen schools were left without doctors Stavropol.

In the 14 schools closed medkabinety Stavropol: the city polyclinic  2, which provides educational facilities professionals, has ended license ..

Therefore, the court of Leninsky district of the regional center generally forbidden to appear in medical school. Without the right package of papers from doctors no right to do so.

Leninsky District Prosecutor's Office found: children, doctors could receive only the territory of their clinics. To work outside its walls, a special permit was not. While the last paperwork, medkabinety, court orders, are empty. But the director seems to remain calm.

kits of school  3 of the medical office moved into the director's office. So now there will not only lecture students, but also to treat them.

Tatiana Kornienko Headmaster calm - if not a serious injury, the teachers will be fully capable of administering first aid - this allows the presence of each of them a diploma nurses.

in an awkward position of directors of the Stavropol city administration put the schools. To solve the issue of licenses to control the formation and management of health - an issue just in their jurisdiction. Prosecutor's warning that children may be left without medical supervision, officials received in June.

This is also indicated by the senior assistant prosecutor of Leninsky district of Stavropol Mikhail Kalmykov: the city administration was more than three months to take action, but the work of polyclinic  2 has not yet been licensed.

Get a license was a common cause, and schools, and doctors all medkabinety had to put in order. And this process, says chief physician children's clinic  2 Irina Ivashov, was delayed.

According to her, all rooms must retool - at some schools were still scales 1988 release. Naturally, the conversion needed the money.

most interesting is that without a license doctors worked in schools for ten years. And in May this year, President Dmitry Medvedev has outlined the problem: medkabinety in educational institutions is poor. In the end - check and as a result - in the Stavropol school doctors do not.

However, doctors claim: to solve the problem with the license obtained within a week.

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