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The bill "On the amateur and sport fishing" corrected.

Russian fishermen in the early years of mass protesting against the introduction of the country's toll of fishing, achieved victory ..

Rosrybolovstvo yesterday released a new version of the bill "On the recreational and sport fishing," which takes into account the key requirements of fishermen. Now, rivers and lakes can not be loaned to private rybohozyaystvam and the country will be a system of cheap fish cards. According to political analysts, the government willingly goes to meet the fishermen due to the upcoming election.

document has been published on this site Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), which deals with technical support discussion. "The government has transferred this function Thomas - told" Kommersant "head of the press center Rosrybolovstva Alexander Saveliev .- The fund perfected the technology of so-called crowdsourcing, where possible to process and consider the entire array of comments received." Mr. Saveliev said that discussion of the previous version of the bill would end already on August 19. However, two days before President Dmitry Medvedev met with leaders in Astrakhan fishing communities and on the basis of the conversation asked the Federal Agency for Fishery extend the discussion for a month and take into account the criticism of opponents.

recall that in December 2010 State Duma adopted amendments to the Law "On Fishery", which allowed for private fishing bases rent sections of rivers and lakes, to create tourism infrastructure there and collect money for amateur fishing. Since the beginning of the fishing season, it was found that in some regions, private owners have the best plots - most fishing spots. In this regard, at the end of March 2011 throughout Russia have been protests fishing enthusiasts, and in some regions it was the most massive popular unrest over the past 20 years. From a purely technical claims of the protesters moved on to political demands. As a result, the conflict had to intervene to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. There was a moratorium on the amendments, and the Office had to urgently create a new law on fisheries.

It Rosrybolovstvo actually capitulated to anglers. "We have abolished the possibility of renting fishing grounds in the lakes and rivers now have to pay only for fishing in a special stocking artificial reservoirs, - said Mr. Saveliev .- Also entered daily catch rates, as it was in the USSR." But the most important innovation - the creation of the so-called fish-cards, without which you can not engage in recreational fishing. "Throughout the world, from Uganda to Iceland, fishing is regulated by a fisherman cards" - said the representative of the Federal Agency for Fishery. This card can be bought "but just anywhere" - in stores, petrol stations and post offices. Its cost will depend on several factors - for a month or a year, federal or regional, to separate valuable fish species. "Will cost a penny, is comparable to a bottle of vodka - promises Mr. Saveliev .- Seniors, of course, receive benefits." It amounts to 500 rubles.

Establishment of fish-cards actually legitimize Russia paid in fishing, and protested against which the fishermen. However, this option suits them. "The issue with fish-cards has radically changed the situation - told" Kommersant "organized the March meetings, the chief editor of" Birds of a feather "Alex Cesarsky .- Previously expected to pay 300-500 rubles private trader. Per day. Now you have to buy for the money card and use it all year. " "The whole bill can be evaluated positively, the key issues considered by fishermen" - praising officials organized the protests.

In the State Duma has already introduced another version of the bill presented by a group of deputies from the "Fair Russia", headed by Sergei Mironov, Oleg Shein. There is also proposed to introduce a fish-card, but only for "high-value" species. In addition, the ability to create spravorossy left fishing grounds in the rivers and lakes, but it furnished a number of conditions. Thus, the total area of these plots should not exceed 5% of the reservoirs in the region. In addition, within a radius of 5 km should be a place for free fishing. In an interview with "Kommersant" Mr. Shein declined to answer the question about the prospects for the consideration of his bill, but criticized the version of the Federal Agency for Fishery. "If the fish card to sell self-employed, then the fish will be affected adversely the ground, because the fish are and rare fish," - he said. "The content of water bodies with valuable fish is more expensive in some cases the populations were taken out of the doldrums 20 years - confirmed" b "Director of the" Russian salmon "Gregory Mazmanyants .- In addition, a rare fish caught on a" catch and release ". It is not known whether all do that. "

Rosrybolovstva in a hurry with the approval of the bill - it will send to the State Duma at the end of September. "We hope that the law will be adopted in October and November, when MPs do not try to throw the work of colleagues at the next convocation," - said "Y" Savel'ev lord. Such haste is understandable: the adoption of the draft rule is to assign the fishermen who give up the mass demonstrations during the election period. "In general, the very formulation of the problem initially was of the nature of pre-election - the director of the Center of Political Analysis Alexei Mukhin .- The bill, which comply with the requirements fishermen, is a good way, to earn votes."

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