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Privatization of the revolution Yushchenko's son?.

Andriy Yushchenko has earned $ 100 million for the Ukrainian revolution?.

December, cold. Troeschinsky market, all in orange ribbons, zaleplen brands "So, Yushchenko!". Buyers almost no vendors are bored and cold.

"As there is no trade?" - Compassion. "Yes a trade last year at this time, the crowds came, and now - all on the Maidan. Rather would have all ended."

"Wait - I provoke (sociological curiosity) - but why did you put the orange ribbons, if you have such losses from this?" Oh, how I was attacked by his aunt, most importantly, remember that - "We do not have to think about money but about Ukraine. And we, too, a little more posidim, and then go to the Independence Square."

The same Troeschinsky market, after the decision of the Supreme Court. Bought jeans, suffered podrubit. Nice young man was wreathed in smiles: "Oh, I know you, so you ÜËÚÉÔ-proclaimed sex!" Chernousov, belozuby, excellent Petr. "I am now as on the wings, I am happy as never before in my life, we will win."

conversation. "I threw everything, and immediately ran to the Independence Square, Yushchenko defended.

few days was not leaving. A particularly frightening was when told that the tanks are about to go. Scary because I have the same family, and - stood. And then, when people became too much, little work has been, in fact have the same rent for the corner to pay, and even though the family would eat something to earn. But all the time muchilsya because, like, from the Maidan otryval themselves. "

asked (sociological curiosity): "Peter, that you stood on the Maidan, merzli, and even tanks you will not be frightened. and lost earnings. And what you want personally for yourself from President Yushchenko? "

"For myself? Are we for themselves or for money stood? From Yushchenko I have only just and fair Ukraine. And the money - the hand is, therefore, work. I have everything , have a job, an apartment to buy a loan, for 10 years paid, however, in Brovary, because Kiev is not potyanu, but once some old car to buy, easier it will be. "

Neither aunt in the market, nor Peter, nor the numerous businessmen who ×ÏÚÉÌÉ products to the Independence Square, no unnamed people who gave their own money - no one wanted to get this benefit.

Wanted - honest and fair Ukraine.

But there have been "financial geniuses." Indeed, the ingeniously simple - to privatize the "political brands of the Orange Revolution," and you can relax.

"This is about the fact that someone is trying to take revenue Andrei Yushchenko," - as stated by the first deputy head of the Tax Administration Mykola Katerynchuk. At every stop - and at restaurants, and casinos, and luxurious suites, and a lot of things that Peter did not earn, even if he hem pants thousand years.

One of my friends joked: "And Imagine if the Lenin had children, and privatized the red flag, hammer and sickle?"

I will not talk about the morality of principles, I have a question on a legal plane - it is obvious that the "copyright" is recorded on as well, and brands, and symbols were the collective Yushchenko's staff work.

and on what legal grounds Andriy Yushchenko's copyright policy brands of orange revolution ", as claimed by Nikolai Katerinchuk? And who specifically designed and where the "copyright"?

And tell me - what is fundamentally different prihvatizatsiya "political brands of the Orange Revolution, the son of the current president of prihvatizatsii Krivorozhstal son-in-law of former President?

the truth, I suspect that the answers will be in the manner of immortal and eternally relevant comedy of our countryman Gogol:

- "And then one night, it seems everything is written, all izumil. I have the ease of unusual thoughts. This is what has been called the Baron Branbeusa," Frigate "Hope" and "Moscow Telegraph ... I wrote all this. "

Believe me, do not want a new cycle of scandal and endless discussions, which yesterday again vskolyhnuli people. But revenue from such 'privatization of author's rights' is too brazen, and the legality of let conclude legal code.

I think there is quite a simple practical way out of this situation. Calculate how much Andriy Yushchenko received dividends from its "copyright brands orange revolution" and to return the money. In Ukraine, a lot of hardship and the money they are needed. I understand that many have already rastrynkano to casinos and restaurants, but Yushchenko's family - not poor, it's time to help your child.

It is also clear that "human nature" is in fact different people have different, someone can not resist the temptations of someone weak on the "native blood", in a word, the people there are people ...

Nevertheless, democratic societies have developed mechanisms, how to deal with weaknesses in "human nature". We should not hope for a "divine" policy, and to impose social control, the definition of "social X-ray" - disclosure of financial disclosure by senior officials and members of their families, as well as ways of receiving them.

As it is done throughout the democratic world. In the end, it promised to Viktor Yushchenko Maidan - and that Peter and tetkam from the market, and many people who stood in the cold for just and fair Ukraine under the brand name "Yushchenko - TAK!" Brand, privatized Yushchenko, son?

Irina Bekeshkina

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