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Volgograd may be left without a taxi!.

Volgograd taxi is not yet meet the requirements of the law "On public passenger transport service taxi", which operates in the Volgograd region on September 1 this year.

before the fact

presence taximeter, license, driving experience of at least five years and the car is not older than eight years - this is not a complete list of prerequisites that are necessary in order to be a taxi driver. Add to this the daily physical, technical semiannually, install cash machines in the car and the requirement that all taxis in Volgograd have been a single color scheme - and get a picture of a serious problem for the "bomb" and small private firms. Larger and more reputable taxi services argue that the enormous challenges the law will be to "bomb" and the one-day firms. Argument is that in so serious company with the order, documents, everything is fine.

В«Under the law as the taxi driver has to look decent, to a regime of work and rest, be sober, - says head of production and dispatch service" City taxi 200-300 "Valery Zuev. - Vehicles have also painted in company colors, and have shashechki billing. The only thing so far - it's taximeter, their only planned purchase. But all the taxi drivers before conversion and licensing have until January 1, 2011, when there will be penalized for failure of the law. In Moscow, the penalty will be 10 thousand, in Volgograd, the sum will be about the same. In general, the law is correct and necessary, as in all civilized countries, any business activities should be ordered and licensed sure. "

But even representatives of "regular" taxi recognize that the new law does not provide many details, which may adversely affect the transport market.

В«At a recent meeting of business representatives from Volgograd authorities and public organizations at the Sports Palace was raised by many patients with questions on this issue - continues Valery Zuev. - So, the owner of a small business district of Kamyshin genuinely interested in why the government requires it to set taximeter, when the area that has to serve, you can drive up and down on one fare. "

's only local authorities continue to hold his ground, arguing that there is no chaos, new legislation will do just the opposite: Volgograd such as acquire high-quality private transportation.

В«This bill is intended primarily to ensure high quality, comfortable and safe taxi service for passengers, as well as to regulate relations arising in the organization of transport Volgograd", - said Deputy Head of the Administration of Volgograd of Transport, Yuri Koval. -As for the licenses - giving them started on September 1. Get the document is required before January 2012. Prior to January 1 this year, we propose to issue these permits for free. Who does not have time to draw up to 1 January, will issue permits for the money. This will be paid type of service. The amount will not be very significant, about three thousand. To those who did not, then will be penalized. "

They go a taxi, but we have nothing to pay

Representatives of public organizations agree only with the fact that when the law is, it must be observed. While the actual benefits of the law for businesses and consumers from Volgograd to agree can not possibly.

В«When the law took effect, this means one thing - to follow its requirements, - said chairman of the Volgograd regional branch of the All-Russian Public Movement" Movement of Russian Motorists' Armen Oganesyan. - Another thing is whether this is adequate to the law and whether there were arrangements for its phased implementation. In this case, no. Now across the country, a wave of taxi driver boom. And that means one thing: in the Duma would not hurt to think before you feed the people of the new laws. To date, 80 percent of the laws simply do not work, and it is an occasion to reflect on their usefulness to in principle.

Unfortunately, this is normal practice in our country when the law from a distance, as well as to respect it - it is up to you. At a meeting held at the Sports Palace, an entrepreneur from the Volgograd region told me that for their local taxi - it's a great form of transport. When the taxi elementary sit four students, and get to the destination is worth 30 rubles. So it will turn faster and cheaper than the shuttle bus. With all the innovations and the cost of their travel is likely to rise in price, while others simply leave the market of transport, and suffer, above all, the consumer. Then where the benefits of such a law, when it's not for people? "

Other experts and did tipped and gradual extinction as a result - the collapse of the private sector in transport. The new law is the Volgograd region, according to them, only to accelerate the extinction of a taxi.

В«Russia's sphere of control the taxi is not possible, - the chairman of the board of NP" Association of passenger motor transport Volgograd "Yuri Belousov. - What kind of procedure in question, the local authorities at the request of city residents could not even keep track of some of the route taxis. So this question of transportation of the end stops. What can I say about the taxi, whose destination is known only when a passenger sat in the lounge car. I say with absolute certainty Volgograd, that any order that does not help - privateers to track possible! Kicked out of their vehicles with "pockets" where they are, indeed, no place, so they will find another location, when and who can prove that it is a taxi? Word of mouth has not been canceled, and the consumer will know where are these taxis.

Minibuses up to 2012 will be obliged to equip tachographs and GLONASS, the taxi drivers and the most hung. All these innovations will have to be paid for by the employer. And you know what will come? To Soviet times, when people were packed like sardines in a barrel every morning and every evening. To date, the municipal public transport barely carries 20% of all passenger traffic. So, instead of developing new, in fact, the actual routes, helping private carriers who have rented the same traffic and revenue would have brought, we are forced to pull out of pocket for the performance of the same invented laws. Will end this by saying that the scope of private transport will wither away, and Volgograd stay with two trams and trolley-five. "

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