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Volgograd region dies.

Volgograd region officially recognized as a dying region. According to experts, is already not a simple situation compounded by the mismanagement area.

According to Rosstat, experts have calculated the ratio of viability of the Russian Federation by subtracting the number of births per thousand inhabitants number of deaths over the past year. After analyzing the situation in the Volgograd Region, Federal State Statistics Service staff came to a disappointing conclusion, recognizing our region to die. In particular, they found that over the analyzed period, a thousand residents in our area had 10.5 births and 14.2 deaths. In addition to mortality, in the Volgograd region over the past year and increased the number of divorces - if in 2010 the number was 623, then the current - 676.

Meanwhile, the territorial authority of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Volgograd region to give any explanation for the results of this study for some reason, flatly refused.

В«post was made not by specialists Federal State Statistics Service, and not unrelated to our organization man, - the deputy head of the department of population statistics and health department Galina porn. - Nevertheless, in his study, he actually relied on the Federal State Statistics Service data. Such analysis can, if desired to each, since all the necessary figures are publicly available, we do not hide from anyone. As for the findings, their free to do each. It's no secret that in the Volgograd region, as in some other regions of the country, the death rate exceeds the birth rate. But to say how valid is the use of our area of the term "dying region", I can not. We in any case, official data on this point yet. "

According to the deputy Volgograd Oblast Duma Oleg Paholkova against the Volgograd region are two major factors: the absence of most of Volgograd private initiative and is extremely inefficient policies by regional authorities.

В«Volgograd, in my opinion, not lucky twice - says Mr. Pakholkov. - The first bad luck due to the absence of the overwhelming majority of them "entrepreneurial spirit". At the Union of Volgograd was edakii ostentatious city in which there were no any rudiments of entrepreneurship. Those same neighbors Rostovites the contrary, trading traditions were, as they say in their blood. As a result, with the collapse of the Soviet people of Volgograd was helpless and blind kittens so far, in fact, could not properly integrate into the new system of relations. Depressive character of the region has worsened second bad luck: for the most part incompetent policies of local authorities who ruled the area more and worse. As a result of the region began to flee en masse young people are not seeing this opportunity to use their abilities, develop their personality. Now confluence of these two adverse factors had reached its apotheosis. First, the expectations of Volgograd have been linked to the fact that the end of the era Maksyuta stagnant region will have a chance to develop and prosper. But then came a young and promising the governor, and the era is now accepted by many Maksyuta almost with affection. In my opinion, this point is not so true: if it was bad, but now it got worse. And no hope for improvement have not yet seen. "

analyst Alexander Strizoe believes that problems with the demographics may be the result of blunders by the regional government in social policy and health policy.

В«deficit - the whole of Russia, is nothing extraordinary in this, - the expert believes. - This is a reflection of the general situation in Russia. As for the region, a significant excess of deaths over births may indicate serious problems in social and health care. First you need to see what kind of death? When it comes to old man's death - this one, if the people of working age - is quite another. Problem should be solved, and the sooner the better, but there is no reason to panic and catastrophic forecasts, no. "

sociologist Michael Anipkin also not inclined to dramatize the situation. He is convinced that the situation in our region is not much different from what is happening in other areas of Russia.

В«I do not think that our region is in this context, something unique, - said Mr. Anipkin. - Similar trends have been observed for the whole of Russia, except for some of the Caucasian republics. They are due to poor quality of life and a high mortality rate associated with low quality of medical services provided to citizens. Change the situation is only possible by systematic improvement of these three positions. And there is nothing more than make up is not necessary. With respect to our area, it may affect local government interest in politics, which in itself is very good. Of course, this is a very important aspect of life, but do not forget about ensuring improvement of living standards and welfare. If we talk about the country as a whole, it is necessary to encourage migration. Need to take those who are not sick, and not a criminal. Even the Chinese. Otherwise, our economy simply will be covered with a copper basin. "

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