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Administration of Volgograd reported on illegal shelters.

Administration of Volgograd has given explanations to be published on the site of IA "Height 102" from 27.08.2011 "in Volgograd due to a boom in the anarchy of the illegal construction?". .

Recall Attorney Central District news agency said Alexander Rasstrygin that in recent months reported cases of illegal construction. So, for seven months of 2011 revealed 23 facts of unlawful seizure of land, 10 - illegal construction and renovation projects.

According to the information contained in the article, the first deputy head of the Volgograd Igor Pickalov instructed the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture to conduct the test. Response agency was directed to the first vice-mayor and the news agency "Height 102".

Regarding the illegal construction of buildings at street Krasnoznamenskaya, 256 administration explained as follows. "Land is reserved for the construction of underground garages. Developer "Gorstroykomplekt" issued a building permit, approved by the administration of Volgograd, June 14, 2005 for the construction of an underground garage and parking with a car wash. Validity until 14 December of that year. On September 1 (2011 - NA "height 102) invited the representative of the owner of the existing legal documents for specified land, after which a decision is made on this object", - stated in a letter to the Committee on City Planning, signed by Acting President George Korolkova.

Reconstruction of non-residential buildings built in a residential house number 33 on Lenin Avenue, agrees the administration is carried out without permits. "According to the owner of LLC" Cassandra "project documentation is being coordinated and will be submitted for consideration in the near future. At the time of August 30, 2011 reconstruction of the object is finished, imported by book production "- said in response to City Hall.

But four pavilions pladovo and vegetable market "Watermelon" (spelling author of the letter from the committee on urban planning saved - approx. IA "Height 102"), according to Yuri Korolkova, established by law. "By illegally established pavilions administration of the Central District is working to demolish them," - said the administration of the relevant committee of Volgograd.

What will be the parking lot, located opposite the church on the street Parkhomenko, the response of Administration is not clear. "The area in front of houses number 27 and number 29 on the street is fenced Parkhomenko Rabitz. Structure and the staff at the time of inspection were not available. Said area is located on a plot of 21,448 square meters, on which the decision of the head of the Volgograd September 22, 2008 pre-agreed 000 "Stroykapital" space for placement of a multifunctional complex ", - stated in the Committee on City Planning.

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