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Jane Eyre soon on the silver screen.

In rolling out "Jane Eyre" - a new film adaptation of a Victorian novel, important individuals with the best of contemporary British cinema.

Little live lady (Mia Wasikowska), who fled out of nowhere in the fog and thunderstorms heaths, are on the threshold of the house, nursed, and provide a roof over your head pious preacher of St. John Rivers (Jamie Bell) and his virtuous sister. When asked the name of the fugitive, the problem starts journey on the waves of memory girl's aunt's home hearted (Sally Hawkins) in a prison sample school shelter to a fateful meeting with the owner of the estate Tornfild Byronic Mr. Rochester (Michael Fassbender).

pleasure next screen adaptation of a book about orphans wandering in search of independence and equality in love, got a young American director Cary Fukunaga and Brazilian Adriano Goldman operator. This pair of distinguished film "Untitled" (debut Fukunaga): picture of Latin American bandits and illegals brought them the prizes of the festival "Sundance" for directing and cinematography.

has earned universal recognition of picturesque stories about violence and the roofs of trains, they can easily find where to turn and multi-layered world, inheriting the English Gothic and Romanticism.

history of suffering, and finding himself a proud and freedom-loving Jane Eyre knows every student, especially a student of English schools.

Charlotte Bronte novel is not only a must-see destination program for the study of Victorian literature, but also carries over to the big screen TV or twice over the ten-year.

With all these predecessors Fukunaga not allow themselves to dig into the naphthalene interpretation of characters and enthusiastically given to the admiring faces, stone walls, rolling hills and worrying outstretched heavens.

space and face what is called possession. English houses and castles with heavily draped rooms and a buzzing alarm fires. The very heath under stormy skies. Fukunaga and Goldman, play with colors and angles. Plexus and idyllic scenes of hands in a light gold. The darkness of loneliness and fear in the night blindness of the castle. Green and blue anxiety and drama. Air Wasikowska (Alice Burton) and the support of romantic fracture Fassbender (killed my self Irish revolutionary Bobby Sands in "Hunger" Steve McQueen) fit perfectly into these sets.

Plot is the world consistently simplified.

shock of the night spent locked in a room late uncle turns into a swoon of "chihnuvshego" fireplace. Wildly for the modern mind the psychological signs of time are smoothed out. Who today would believe in oppressive aunt, fearing a sudden retort ten girls, or swallow the humiliating discovery of new family ties? So my aunt and not flinch once again, and new brothers and sisters of the distant relatives will turn in the title.

Instead of parsing the relationship - pure unadulterated lyricism, while the camera glides over which finds no place of Jane (Wasikowska, of course, too beautiful for the "ugly" from the book), or pulls out eloquently restless thin fingers .

There is a funny scene with firing a gun during dinner, flirting with horror in the corridors of the Gothic castle and Judi Dench in the role of a good housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax.

can criticize the superficiality of the director's eye, but you can forget about the primary source, imagining that this is not filming the classics, or even a film adaptation is not quite classic.

Not long ago, English literature has become a victim of fashion to "mashups" - free remakes, like "Pride and Prejudice and zombies," or "Sense and Sensibility and sea monsters."

В«Jane Eyre" did not run away from this trouble and become a "Jane SleyrВ» (Jane Slayre - Slayer Jane), a hunter of vampires. Bronte's book was an easy target: the vampire allusions in the novel is clearly spelled out, one night bite to the neck which is worth.

Fukunaga, of course, dispenses with the vampires (although furnishes the corresponding bite with obvious hints of enthusiasm), but works in the same general direction, making it easier and decorating. Maybe it's not the most thoughtful and important film adaptation of the novel, but an excellent film adaptation of comics imagined. By the way, the graphic novel "Jane Eyre" is also already drawn.

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