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Smoking, we will, and drink not cast!.

Recently in Stavropol intensified the fight against those who sell alcohol and cigarettes to minors.

This is, perhaps, with the summer holidays. At that time, young people have nothing to do searches for new sensations.

In Russia prohibited from selling alcoholic products and tobacco products to persons who are not yet 18. It turns the law, decided to check in Stavropol Department of Internal Affairs and the Committee for Economic Development and Trade of the city administration. Together, they conducted an operation В«boyВ».

most normal teenagers during the week came to the shops and drinking establishments, asked them to sell liquor, beer and cigarettes.

Many sellers were given the desired product, not even asking the children of the age.

It is understandable, revenue - primarily. But for what they paid. Immediately there were people in uniform, and the minutes of the offense. The penalty will be krutoe - trading point would deprive the license for the sale of alcohol products.

The next day, after the raids, the official authorities of outlets Correspondent В«KomsomolkiВ» decided once again to go shopping. Check is not whether to take the old. Two stavropolskih student - 15-year-old Misha Inozemtsev and 13-year-old Anton Kulakov. Cigarettes guys bought easily. Dealers easily released prohibited goods for teenagers. While some stores krasovalis plates: В«tobacco products to persons under the age of 18 are not releasedВ».

Beer is also made easy. But liquor traders refused to sell. Each and every one. The kids persistently repeated: В«Vodku children do not sell!В» Podeystvovali Not even the assurances that the father has asked to buy.

Correspondents В«KPВ» decided to check at the same time, and household goods retailers. In one of these stores Misha with Anton went with beer and cigarettes under his arm.

В«MomentВ» sold them immediately, while the guys talked aloud that they will sniff glue.

seller in this case, the law is not violated. But, apart from corporate law, there are laws and morals.

only numbers

During the operation В«TeenagerВ» has been tested 28 of Stavropol. Half of the sellers, not paying attention to the age of buyers, released them vodka and cigarettes.


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