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The number of victims of the explosion at the landfill Ashuluk eight.

The eighth soldier injured in an explosion of ammunition on the range in the Astrakhan region Ashuluk, died Wednesday in hospital.

Explosion occurred in the evening August 23 at discharge of rockets for "Grad" at the landfill, where nearly a year was carried out disposal of decommissioned weapons. Suspected cause of PE was spontaneous start of one of the shells and the subsequent detonation of others.

The explosion killed six soldiers on the ground, another 12 were injured, one of them later died in hospital. Thus, the number of victims of the explosion at the landfill has reached eight.

"The eighth soldier was in critical condition, died at six o'clock in the intensive care unit of Alexander and Mary Regional Hospital", - said Goncharov.

Hospitals Astrakhan are three more victims in a state of moderate severity. According to the companion agency, there is no threat to their lives. Another five wounded soldiers transferred to medical facilities in Rostov-on-Don - RIA Novosti reported.

P ROKURATURA tries to close before the explosion GROUND

Guide "Ashuluk" has received two representations of the violation of safety for a few months before the tragedy and report back on their elimination. Flagrant safety violations at the landfill near Astrakhan were identified at the beginning of this year. Disposal of munitions was held in violation of basic safety precautions. Ammunition was stored in large quantities in the territory. The soldiers simply do not physically have time to destroy them. Site was overloaded by almost half. Destruction of missiles put on stream and are often carried out without too much preparation.

on safety, few thought about it.

- Throughput "Ashuluk" per day - about 30 KamAZ with ammunition. In fact, before the blast took place twice as many vehicles with ammunition - told Life News conscripts Eugene L. - Every day unloaded up to 50 machines, and sometimes all 60.

To create a queue, the soldiers tried to unload the car is not accurate as possible, as quickly as possible.

- The fact that the jerk can at any moment, you think only the first hour of discharge projectiles - continues to Eugene L. - Often just throwing ammo like firewood in a pile . The officers chased the same all the time.

Audits South Military Prosecutor's Office staff have noticed a lot of gross violations. One after another, the Landfill "Ashuluk" representations were made to eliminate the gaps.

- The prosecutor's office was made two presentations in January and February this year for violation of logistics personnel, violations of disposal of ammunition and reloading of the landfill - Life News confirmed in a press Service of South Military Prosecutor's Office. - Violations have been eliminated, those responsible were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

If violations are not eliminated in time, a court could suspend the site, but do not have to. Guide "Ashuluk" preliminary report on implementation of all requirements of the prosecutor's office.

But, obviously, the service routine to "Ashuluk" remained unchanged. For the safety of soldiers and no liability is carried.

effects were not long in coming. At the end of March 19 year-old Victor Buryachenko hurt, picked up an unknown item. With the explosion knocked the guy eye and crippled fingers.

two weeks - April 11, was killed conscripts. During the ignition boxes in a warehouse for ammunition guy got deep burns and died.

Even after such emergency command site is not increased control over the safety of soldiers. So, the day of the explosion, no officer paid no attention to the fact that projectiles discharged no safety cords.

After a couple of months after the official report on the elimination of all violations of an explosion in which seven soldiers were killed and nine seriously injured - said Life News.

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