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Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
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In the sex-bomb for 5 days: a detailed instruction.

Vamp, the femme fatale, a sex bomb. She has many names, but are still one - want it all. Sexuality - her innate gift ..

Look around, certainly among your acquaintances or friends there is one such girl. And against it so easy to feel like an old maid, especially if you have something to work. But do not lose heart, because to become a sex bomb and can each only five days.

How to become a sex bomb: the first day

Today you will think about who is a sex-bomb in your understanding. You need to make a clear mental image, a standard vamp.

How do you think looks like a sex bomb? What she wears? What does? How does your business work? What fun hobby in your spare time? What are the common men? What is the format preferred relationship? How to have sex?

Try to imagine as much as possible detailed and complete picture. And when the members of its, review what you currently do not have enough for the status of a sex bomb? You will be surprised, but not everything is limited to the exterior. Appearance is just an easy fix. Much more important to work on their manners. For example, a sex bomb is unlikely to be a nag or whine MCH that it takes her a little

attention. So, try it at your leisure new behaviors inherent in sex-bomb.

How to become a sex bomb, a second day

today, going about their business, be sure to put on underwear that fits this sex bomb. Let this be a beautiful and erotic kit that not only pleasant to the skin, but also for the male gaze.

It does not matter if no one sees. But you'll get new and very useful for the development of sexual feelings.

How to become a sex bomb, the third day

Today is the magic of reincarnation. Go to the booze and fully transform itself. Hair removal (preferably Brazilian), massage, the stylist. And any beauty treatments, which will allow you to feel more confident and attractive. Also, you should buy in the store at least one thing in style vamp. If your wardrobe is too boring for this role, then you need to buy a whole set of clothes plus sexy shoes. However, be assured, this investment will always pay off.

How to become a sex bomb, the fourth day

Perhaps, in spite of new clothes, you still difficult to see a sex bomb. However, professionals are able to discern and reveal your sex appeal without any difficulty. Today, you will need to organize yourself a professional photo shoot. No matter how naked you'll be in the frame. Even in a fur coat can radiate sex! So do not pity money for a professional makeup artist and photographer. You see yourself with these perspectives, with some never seen in my life. And this new fresh look at their beauty and sexuality at once will give you confidence.

How to become a sex bomb, the fifth day

you much prettier. Now it is time to collect compliments and phone numbers of men who are dying to meet you. If you already have an MCH, then your task for today to collect at least five compliments from colleagues, friends, relatives and loved. How are you going to do it - it does not matter. The main thing is not persuasive. Shine and dazzle of his appeal. If you're a lonely girl, now your task is to provoke a familiarity with at least three nice to you young people.

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