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''Viagra''. Under the heel of a producer.

The most successful Russian-Ukrainian team''Viagra''constantly shaking passions: his participants are changing, as the gloves.

On the first solistke group, Alena Vinnytska, which was created under the project, already nobody remembers. After it was Anya Sedokova laid off for the decision to marry. Her place was Svetlana Loboda. It Lobodu believe most scandalous of all participants "Viagry. On her hodilo many incredible rumors and gossip. And supposedly, because of its nature nesnosnogo two other singers, Nadia and Vera, set an ultimatum producer Konstantin Meladze: either they, or Loboda. Producer chose them. As it was in fact, Svetlana Loboda told in an exclusive interview with the newspaper Vecherny Stavropol.

- It was hard to get into a popular team, as the "Viagra"?

- I got there on the dispute. Our friends have a tradition. Someone walks in the bath, we go into the forest. In one of the most beautiful days of sitting on the lawn, talking, talking about show business. Remembered the "Viagra", men vostorgalis soloist. They said, no little whether you Loboda, fall into the "Viagra"? To which I replied: Not poor. Ended with what we posporili on the car.

If I get into the team and proderzhus in six months, then get a red Porsche, which wanted all his life.

Just a week later I learn that Constantine Melazde holds a casting at a their new project. Coming, the crowd involved, all burst. Know what they're looking for a new soloist for Viagry. It was selected 10 candidates. Then I was adopted. So Porsche is now I have.

- What is going to do after leaving the group?

- solo career. We look forward to recording a new album, which will be released in spring. Removed the clip. We are looking for repertoire.

- This will be similar to the "Viagra"?

- It is possible that this will be music with elements of rock, but this is not a fact.

- Is it true that the soloist group imposed very stringent contracts?

- I can say that "Viagra" - a big machine, which is running a very long time. And anyone who is within the team, by and large, screw in the mechanism. "Viagra" - a group that just works. Everything else is excluded.

- A personal life, entertainment?

- A personal life is out of the question. We have three times a month at home there, the rest of the time on tour. Do not see any parents or loved ones. Suffer from it all.

- Do not attempt it as something to change the relationship between producer and artists?

- All attempts thwarted immediately. We are placed in such conditions, or that you are with all those mirishsya and remains in the group, or to leave. There is a working relationship, not personal. They did not wonder how you feel. For disobedience receive fines.

- So really there is a system of fines? For what it can get?

- for being late for 5 minutes. Once I missed the shooting musicals - came at 5 minutes later. Warned of its make-up that zaezzhayu to make a hair salon, but no director has warned. For this I vpayali fine of 300 bucks.

- was seen as the producer of your decision to withdraw from the team?

- I had a contract, I knew that there may be big problems, but I hope that Kostya will understand me. I talked to producers, and they made the decision that I can safely go and I will not make any fines.

- And how was limited to life within the group?

- From morning till night out all. We come to the city, the morning rehearsal, the day we give ourselves up, the evening concert. Then fly to the next town. There was no opportunity to gain new force. And there were 15 concerts in succession, and not one day of rest. At the scene we came out almost dead. And yet, given that we live and work virtually all the parties to me, I began to understand that just physically can not resist.

- and why other girls remain in the "Viagra"? Nadia generally very long time and will not go away ...

- Every person has a choice. Everyone chooses, that it is important in this life. To date, the girls are satisfied with life.

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