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Anti-terrorist measures in the kindergartens of the Rostov region.

In the Rostov region strengthened anti-terrorism measures at preschool educational institutions after the explosion at the kindergarten in Komsomolsk-on-Amur ..

As stated by the Deputy Minister of Education of the area Mazaeva Marina, just a few days once held anti-terrorist training and sent letters to heads of educational institutions.

В«To those who are directly responsible for the health of children, held parent meetings to explain to parents that, above all, they are responsible for the safety and health of children", reports Mazaeva words "Southern Region".

In turn, Head of the Russian Interior Ministry in Rostov region Alexey Lapin ordered an unscheduled inspection of preschool institutions.

police inspect kindergartens, inspect surrounding areas, basements, attics and barns. It also checks the operation of technical means of calling for special services, panic buttons, video surveillance cameras.

Among the main deficiencies identified earlier, police isolated the fault or the lack of night lighting on adjoining kindergarten areas, faulty fencing, parking outside of transport in pre-schools.

in Rostov oblast has 622 preschools, 510 of them (82%) are equipped with alarm buttons and other means of connecting to the control of private security MIA. Slightly worse performance of regional situation in Rostov-on-Don, where the protection of the Office of private security is only 79% of kindergartens, according to the website of the Interior Ministry Chief of Russia in the Rostov region.

August 2 in the kindergarten in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Khabarovsk Territory), the explosion occurred. Hit five-year girl, she was hospitalized at the city hospital with burns and eye 1-2 degree burns of hands. Explosion recognized terrorist attack. It is established that the bomb was packed with striking elements, but worked only the detonator and the bomb did not explode. Suspect - a 26-year-old local resident, reports RIA "Novosti".

According to investigators, "for the day worked out many versions and styles - from" Caucasian trace "to the cynical revenge for personal reasons employees kindergarten. Investigators checked all those who previously threw dummy bombs to educational institutions and other organizations. However, the charge of organizing and participating in the preparation of terrorist attacks in the kindergarten room 80 Komsomolsk-na-Amur, while no one charged, ITAR-TASS.

also reported that in March, during the inspection of railway and bus stations in major cities of the Rostov region were found violations of the anti-terrorist security.

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