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PE in Volgograd: three workers were poisoned by chlorine water treatment plant ...!.

In the city of Volgograd region Leninsk two employees MUP "Leninsky water utility," died from choking during work on sewage pipes, another worker in a local hospital ..

According to the head Sredneahtubinskogo Interdistrict Investigation Department of CS Raman for the Volgograd region Rafael Valiev, The incident occurred on Saturday, July 30. A day earlier, the group performed the plumber working on cleaning a sewer manholes in the city of Lenin. Doing the job, the men discovered that the left in the 4-meter pit scrap pipe, which could still be needed.

According to the investigative committee, the next day, returning to the job site, one of the men age 42 years down the well, he immediately began to choke. His friends tried to help him, however, the victim slipped and fell to the bottom of the pit. To pull it down the drain 49-year-old worker, but he died, as was just below the surface.

By the time the third business went down to the scene arrived head of MUP "Lenin's water utility," which ordered the other employees using respirators to get all three from the bottom of the well. Survivor man was taken to hospital, where he is today.

In fact what happened is carried out pre-investigation checks, which are connected to the conducting staff of the Labour Inspectorate. According to Raphael Valiev, tested safety organization in the enterprise.

"According to preliminary version, the death of the workers was the result of accumulation of gases in a sewer nechistotnyh and the virtual absence of four-to a depth of oxygen," - he said. The check results will be made on the need to initiate criminal proceedings.

recall that in April, more than 20 workers were poisoned by sodium vapor gas when pressed metal drums on a platform of "Lomprom" in Rostov electrical plant (Ramsay) in the Rostov region.

previously reported about the mass poisoning of pairs of chlorine in the district of Dagestan Kaiakent in May 2010. Among the injured were three children and members of the team medical ambulance, which arrived on a call. In 2005 during repairs to the school building in Rostov-on-Don in the decompression tank with liquid chlorine residue pairs poisoned his 30-year-old woman, was hospitalized.

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