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Stavropol pediatric killer punished.

The district pediatrician MUZ "Blagodarnenskogo CRH" and two paramedic "first aid", who treated the child correctly from the flu, found guilty in death of year-old patient, the press service of the Prosecutor's Office edges ..

Found that the district 12/24/2009 pediatrician Kondakova NV in the study hospital in the morning carried out a patient's reception - a girl born in 2008, diagnosed with "thrush", has not taken steps to identify the underlying disease of the child in the form of SARS (flu) and not appropriate treatment for the underlying disease, measures to hospitalization girls are not accepted.

The same evening, the baby's condition deteriorated, was caused by a brigade ambulance.

arrived in its composition paramedic Gladchenko SG correctly diagnosed SARS, provided medical care by introducing a lytic mixture, but underestimated the severity of the child with measures for its admission did not accept the message and subsequently in the children's clinic visits for active pediatrician did not pass, than deprived her of the possibility of providing inpatient care in a medical facility.

situation repeated itself the next evening, when the brigade ambulance paramedic arrived Parakhina YD, which is also in the presence of indications for hospitalization of the child did not take appropriate action.

Improper performance of health professionals of their professional duties has caused the girl's death 12/28/2009.

According to the commission of experts was the cause of death in children with flu complications. In the case of timely admission 24 or December 25, 2009 death was preventable.

court agreed with the position of public prosecutor of the guilt of the accused of a crime and appointed Kondakova NV punishment of imprisonment for a term of 1 year and 6 months to be served in a penal colony, with disqualification to engage in medical practice for a period of 3 years; Gladchenko SG imprisonment for a term of 6 months to be served in a penal colony, with disqualification to engage in medical practice for a period of one year. Parakhin YD also sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one year to be served in a penal colony, with disqualification to engage in medical practice for a period of 2 years, but due to the presence of her infant after sentencing delayed real until the child reaches the age of 14.

The verdict came into force.

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