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Top 5 of gynecological problems.

Gynecological problems are in first place in the list of causes of infertility. Unfortunately, not every woman is conscious and kind to your health .. Call

specialists visit the gynecologist twice a year, few take the rule. But identifying the disease at an early stage is a guarantee for its rapid treatment and lack of complications in the future. What gynecological problems occur more often, and what symptoms they characterized?

1. Inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis) Acute inflammation of the appendages can not be ignored, because in this condition a woman is experiencing severe abdominal pain. Pain may be given in the lower back or side and may be changing nature - there are periods of gain and attenuation. There is increased pain during menstruation, during exercise, during sex. A woman may notice a change in the character of discharge, menstrual disorders. Delays in treatment for any gynecological inflammation is the cause of the transition to a chronic form of the disease. This can result, including infertility, as the inflammatory processes lead to stagnation in the pelvic organs and the appearance of adhesions.

Maria, 33 years:

В«A couple of weeks ago were freezing in the car. Began back pain in the abdomen, on both sides of the abdomen and the pelvic bones in the sacral processes, abundant, long, 6 days, and painful periods.

lay for three days - could not get up, have temperature and pain. The doctor does not examined, did not take the tests, advised to drink trihopol and grass, and sprinkled on trihopol me. The pain in his right side is still holding. "

Svetik, 25 years:

В«I definitely can say that the pain in his right side and lower abdomen, a symptom of inflammation of the appendages, with this diagnosis, I was hospitalized. So do not pull - to go to another doctor! "2. Thrush (vaginal candidiasis) Vaginal candidiasis or thrush is a fungal disease that affects mucous membranes and skin. The causative agent of the disease are yeast-like fungi of genus Candida, which begin to multiply rapidly in the presence of any precipitating factors. Frequent proyavleniemolochnitsy may indicate a significant decline in immunity.

The causes of vaginal candidiasis may include: hypothermia, prolonged use of antibiotics, stress, anemia or diabetes, hormonal changes in the body, including during pregnancy, menopause and etc. All these factors contribute to the imbalance between the natural flora and pathogenic. The characteristic symptoms of yeast infection are thick, cheesy discharge, which may be accompanied by itching, burning and an unpleasant, sour odor. Early treatment will prevent yeast infection in the intestines, bladder and kidneys, as well as reduce the risk of recurrence to a minimum.

specialist consultation Lily, Kiev:

В«I have long been poor selection of films in the form of white and cream. According to the analysis (on the Torch of infection) is nothing, bakposev shows are only so many white blood cells. A history - thrush (candidiasis), it actively treated - syringe, put the candle (Ginezol, Pimafutsin, Terzhinan) into taking Fluconazole, Orungal (at different times). The problem returned again. Although candidiasis is not detected, the selection is the same as before. What should I do? "Mark Mayorov (obstetrician):

В«Treating thrush - not always easy and fast. It is very likely that the yeast "support" is not identified and therefore no other infections are cured, goiter, immune disorders ... "3. Cervical erosion Cervical erosion is often asymptomatic. Occasionally be observed abundant mucus and weak abdominal pain. Typically, a woman is not aware of the presence of her cervical erosion down to the pelvic examination. Normally, the outer surface of the cervix soft pink color, its surface smooth and covered by squamous epithelium. Inside - the cervical canal, a bright pink columnar epithelium. Sometimes, for one reason or another, the cylindrical epithelium beyond the outer surface of the uterus - so there is erosion. Erosion can occur as a result of mechanical damage to the cervix, her injuries during childbirth, as well as provoke dyshormonal factors, and various viral infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Erosion of the cervix should always be treated promptly because it can provoke degeneration of epithelial cells, which leads eventually to cervical cancer.

Consultation with a specialist Irina, Kremenchug:

В«Hello! I'm 21, and a reception at gynecologist I was diagnosed with cervical erosion. Previous examination by a gynecologist with a break of 2 months. Could it be fast this disease and how it can affect pregnancy and childbirth in the future? Thanks in advance! "Mark Mayorov (obstetrician):

В«erosion may well occur even for a term less than a month. Of course, should be examined and treated, as treatment during pregnancy is impossible. Erosion is the so-called "background" process for the development of cancer pathology. "

4. Endometriosis Gynecologic disease that is accompanied by the growth of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is called endometriosis. Pockets of growth of tissue like the endometrium responds to changes in hormonal levels in the body. Symptoms of endometriosis include: long and painful menstruation, the presence of vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods, pain in the abdomen, pain during sexual intercourse. Endometriosis is a common cause of infertility, because of numerous adhesions in the pelvic area.

5. Chlamydia causative agent of this disease are microorganisms that live within them of human cells. It is because of this hard to get rid of chlamydia, as the cells reliably protect microorganisms. Most often asymptomatic. But sometimes when women say chlamydia frequent urination, which is accompanied by a burning sensation. Men also experience discomfort during urination, and every morning the external opening of the urethra can be glued for discharge. If untreated, chlamydia can cause chronic inflammation and infertility. Treatment of chlamydia necessarily comprehensive and includes antibiotics, immunostimulants, hepatoprotectors, vitamin complexes. At all time the course should abandon of sexuality and certainly a treatment with a partner.

specialist consultation Anastasia, Kiev:

В«Tell me please, what role (except to contaminate the partner) is the rejection of sexuality in the treatment of chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasmosis? If you use a condom, you can be sexually active? Or for any reason during treatment must be abandoned? "Mark Mayorov (obstetrician):

В«If there is an acute inflammatory process, sexual life, even with a condom, can facilitate the spread of infection has."

Modern medicine deals with the decision of the majority of gynecological problems. But do not forget that the effectiveness of treatment for the disease depends on how early it was diagnosed. It is therefore worth considering the recommendation of doctors and undergo routine examination by a gynecologist at least twice a year.

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