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Lena Ranetki meets protégé Alexander Serov.

Lena "Ranetki" no longer hide his love affair with the singer Dmitry Pryanovym ..

Earlier young singer Lena Tretyakov was seen in the novel with a partner on the television series "Ranetki" Vitali Abdulov. Then, over the Internet have appeared that Lena had married a man named Oleg. However, she later confessed to Elena that has taken this "duck" to avenge Abdulov, which parted.

And now, not the first week of Lena Ranetki see the singer Dmitry Pryanovym. Spicy - a protege of Alexander Serov, and frequently speaks on "warming up" at the Serov, and has already recorded several hits - "The leaves are whirling wind," "Missing you and I," "On Christmas Night", etc.

artists converged after a chance meeting at the studio, which recorded "Ranetki" and went to Dmitry Spicy, who began cooperating with the ideology of "Ranetok" Sergei Milnichenko. Since then, the couple is inseparable.

passionate lover of billiards, Lena Ranetki already started to teach Dmitry game of billiards. The couple attends together restaurants.

As reported in the environment "Ranetok" diamond ring, which for some time now emblazoned on a finger of the Lena, is presented in honor of the Spice engagement.

Wedding Lena and Dima are going to play in the autumn, but in the meantime decided to sing a song together. She has written Dmitry Spicy, and recording in the studio will be open until late summer. Duet song in the album will Pryanova, which is scheduled to release in the autumn on the label "Quadro-Disc".

Lena Ranetki looks happy and in love.

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