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Cancel benefit for first child in the Volgograd region.

Bill Administration of Volgograd region to deprive parents of benefits for members of the birth of their first child obldumy sent back for revision. .

According to the press service of the Communist Party faction in the regional legislative assembly, the document has not received the required number of votes. Voted for it only 14 deputies.

note, the executive authority of the region proposed to cancel the grant for first child, not for all families, but only for those with income greater than the subsistence minimum.

bill "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Volgograd region on issues of social support for families with many children" were made by the Governor in regparlament May 27.

main argument of the authors of the document - the existence of payments to have a second or third child to all families regardless of income level. If the revised project, he will still be accepted, 9211 rubles for the birth of first child will receive only low-income families.

also proposed to introduce the concept of "regional capital of the parent family with many children." It is just over 40 thousand rubles and paid when the third child of two years of age. It is assumed that these innovations will be introduced from January 2012. "The price issue" - about 350 million rubles.

MPs commend the initiative of introducing a "mother's capital for large families." However, the issue of benefits for the first child in the people's representatives is no unanimity. Against the initiative of the regional administration - the Communists and some of United Russia. By bill of the regional administration also has claims and legal management of the regional Duma. In its opinion, lawyers noted that the document "contains some contradictions and federal law requires revision."

According to the OCS administration of the Volgograd region in 2010, 29 793 children were born, including the first child - 14 756 people, second and subsequent - 15 037 people. The number of children born to poor families, was in 2010, 13 819 people, among them the "first" - 8,500.

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