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Plywood - a symbol of democracy.

Zhanna Friske commented on a statement by the Minister Sokolova of an impending ban the final track.

Andrew Wolf, a former State Duma deputy, former leader of В«In bed with ...В», and now head of the department of public relations department of the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communication said at a press briefing, Minister of Culture Alexander Sokolov, phonogram that soon will come to an end.

Sokolov said that the track - something ugly, but Wolf - which is already in the autumn session of the State Duma will consider the law on the concerts, which will be considered on track. A month ago, Wolf told В«InterfaxВ», that В«in Russia until the law does not solve the problemВ« plywood В»- that is, pop performance by a track - our music industry will be the last position in the world of show business. This show, in particular, and our В«successВ» in the Eurovision В».

В«I think that the execution of a variety and instrumental sound track - it is fraud, consumer fraud, the degradation of culture, debilizatsiya public and the main obstacle on the path of civilized development of show business the country В», - he said.

rumored, the main measure will be advertising: Promoter will have to write on posters word В«trackВ» in big letters - and no one will no longer deceive the consumer.

domestic consumers, should be given to them, deceiving with great pleasure. So far, no reported cases of righteous anger when razyarennye members of the public, as was the case recently in the UK after fonogrammnogo concert of Britney Spears, would be handed over tickets, would require the money back and threatened to sue the artists. Discontent fonogrammoy are mostly people who do not go to concerts of popular performers, as well as okolomuzykalnye officials dreaming of the victory of our fatherland in the song contest В«EurovisionВ».

a matter of fact, the law on countering phonogram already exists. The text of the law on consumer rights is the relevant article 10 - Information about the goods (services), as it par В«reference to the use of phonograms in the provision of entertainment services performers of musical worksВ».

this Act, of course, is not respected, it is unlikely, however, may be the reason for the creation of the new law, however, the deputies are visible.

Meanwhile, the performers are clearly not enthusiastic. Zhanna Friske, singer, actress and a vampire В«Night WatchВ», sighed in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of В«Gazety.RuВ»: В«can not leave this alone ...В»

- I do not know, yesterday I watched the В«new waveВ», participants sang live, and all guests, including our famous stars sang a track. I think that's OK. We in the State Duma, I think, not think about how to feed people, how do I get people healthy, but very worried, as the performers earn their living. Why is all it seems that artists undeservedly earn their bread, and it was a lot of money.

Phonogram is not a fraud. Either the man standing on stage and sings bluntly, it makes a great theatrical show, and then everything else is not important.

Any famous star, which is now the show, singing a track through time. Some songs are sung live, it is simply impossible.

and if the law is, it can always be circumvented. Moreover, all the same actors in the main feed from the commercial concerts.

In normal concerts few artists can carry with it the normal machines. But that equipment, which offer artists on some tours - it's just disrespect. And it requires a live sound - but it is simply impossible in such a situation. And if all is well, if the apparatus of a remarkable and actor works under the track and only opens his mouth - this is probably cheating - Zhanna Friske said in an interview В«Gazete.RuВ».

songs by track banned in several countries of the former Soviet Union - Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus ... The ban on deception listener become the post-Soviet dictatorships.

Instead, plywood - a symbol of democracy.

Recently, even Madonna has been accused in the performance of songs by Elton John track - indeed, the management of the singer immediately denied the accusation.

On the other hand, if the track - this is the correct and harmless phenomenon, it clearly will not hurt anyone, and warning the public that it is waiting for a tape recorder with a CD. In this there is nothing wrong?

Semyon Kvasha

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