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Sexuality depends ... behalf.

Name of the person is of great importance for the level of sexuality of this man ..

Such conclusion was linguist Amy Pefors Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. She led a study on the influence of a person's name on its image in the eyes of others. Amy posted on its website photos of several people with fictitious names and asked visitors to comment on how attractive they seem to be these people.

Amy discovered that those men in the fictional names which were attended by front vowels, such as "and" or "a" perceived by visitors (or, rather, attenders) as more attractive and sexy than those whose names were back vowels, for example, "o" in the English name of Paul.

with women's names as it happened exactly the opposite: women, whose names were vowels back row, such as "on" or "y", most visitors seem sexual . Thus, transcription of the American experience on the Russian soil, it can be concluded that men with names such as Ivan, Andrew, Eugene and Alexander seem to be attractive to women.

At the same time, do not quite understand the case with the names of Nicholas and Anton, as it contains vowels and front and rear rows. Among Russian women, following the withdrawal of U.S. scientists, the most sexy look of Irina, Katya, Anastasia, etc.

However, perhaps these findings are only valid for the American reality. "No one knows why people have such strange association with the vowels of the front and back row," - said Valerie Voroditski, a psychologist at Stanford University. She suggested that the human subconscious, some vowels are clearly associated with certain words with a stable unambiguous meaning, and eventually the sounds themselves are associated with this meaning.

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