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7 healthy habits that harm.

British experts in the field of health and hygiene have put together seven "deadly sins" of modern man, committed them in ignorance. .

Now do not say you were not warned.

1. Shower every day

Regular use of hot water with soap and shower gel prevents skin of natural oils, resulting in dryness, flaking and even infections. Most people do not need to wash every day, but if the prospect scares you skip a shower, then use even more cool water.

В«dermatologist London Cranley Clinic Nick Lowe for many years struggling with ... Moidodyr! Dr.'m sure most of us have too many washes. And this seems to correct the habit of cleanliness, however, impairs the protection of our body against infections and damages the skin. "It's very hot water in combination with hard soap can strip the skin of fat, resulting in dryness, cracking and even penetration of the infection. Most of us do not need to wash thoroughly every day, at least using the chemical hygiene "- said the scientist Daily Mail.В»

2. Eight hours of sleep per day

Among healthy habits is often called good sleep. But in fact, eight o'clock at night of deep sleep can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue. Should not sleep more than seven hours a day, and immediately the night no more than six. A better balance gather additionally short pouring in during the day.

В«Professor, University of Loughborough, a member of the British Sleep Research Center, Jim Horne believes that normal life is not required eight hours of sleep. And, in fact, many people every day, "forcing" yourself to sleep causes a feeling of fatigue. Dr. Horne said in general that you should sleep when you want, and what you want, and not necessarily at night.

В«Short - from 4 to 15 minutes - naps on performance comparable to more than an hour a night's sleep," - said the scientist. Horn says that hundreds of years ago it was common practice to split the daily sleep into several segments and is more physiological for humans.

В«Contemporary same notion that waking up at night is bad, can have a destructive impact on the quality of sleep. For example, we wake up in three nights and we were lying, nervous, did not get to sleep. Why torture yourself? It is better to just get up and take your mind something distracting, but at the same time relaxing - poreshat crossword or read a book. And there, staring, body and tell you that we are ready to sleep again "- believes the researcher."

3. Rinse the tooth

water immediately wash off the protective layer of fluoride, which was formed on the teeth after using the toothpaste. At least half an hour you can not take any liquids in your mouth after cleaning, unless it is a rinse or dental elixir containing active fluoride.

And do not brush your teeth immediately after eating, wait at least half an hour!

4. Sitting on the toilet

turns out the same "pose an eagle," which had been practiced in the Soviet toilets, where instead of toilets were holes in the floor where beneficial to health than the lavatory. This is a more natural posture, which is especially helpful for people experiencing problems with the intestines. Sit on heels!

В«Such a sweet heart (and not only) a lot of people wont like to sit with a magazine in the water closet, giving up the hustle and bustle, is harmful. And now scientists have already knocking at the door, they say, is not stayed! Israeli doctors proktolgi published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences study on the dangers of sitting on the toilet.

В«more natural to ease nature on their haunches, because in this situation requires a lower voltage. So reducing the risk of diverticulosis or hemorrhoids earn "- scientists say."

5. Home Cleaning

Scientists have identified on the basis of the study 100 men and women, those who took upon himself the greatest burden for cleaning home, suffering from high blood pressure. The same relationship was observed with cooking and shopping. In addition, the use of modern household cleaning house increases the risk of asthma.

В«Cleaning the house, it turns out, leads to increased pressure. And not because of crawling under the couch with a vacuum cleaner, and ... from the nerves. The most difficult - to cope with anxiety, how to handle it all and why such a pig! Ugh ... According to a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, American doctors surveyed 100 working men and women who came to the conclusion that those who took upon himself the duties of house cleaning for a year was a higher pressure than those who trust farm wives. "

6. Irregular breathing

Ask any to take a deep breath, and he immediately expose the chest forward. This is wrong, because while still babies, we do not breathe the breast and belly.

Thoracic breathing restricts the flow of oxygen to the bottom of the lungs. Fortunately, through diligent training can be a useful skill to return.

7. Rest after lunch or dinner

Do not lie down on the couch after a hearty lunch. In this case, the body will not burn calories received, and will save them in reserve in the form of fat.

В«After a hearty lunch relies sleep! It turns out, and should not do it. "If you relax on the couch after a meal, more likely, that is eaten soon show up on your waist in the form of new body fat" - warns nutritionist from Cambridge Clare Makevilli. He adds that the most nutritious meal should be breakfast. A lighter dinner. As for dinner, then it is not necessary to force yourself to not eat after six. The expert believes that even if the dinner at 8 or 9 pm, an intense 20-minute walk will relieve the risk of gaining weight. В»

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