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The second series of staged lovers.

The Italians, on the basis of the testimony of Isaac Hamdi said that the second series of terrorist attacks in London organized by fans.

Meanwhile, the police arrested two more suspects in recent attacks. A total amount of damage has increased by another $ 1 million from the compensation to the family who was killed by mistake, Brazilian electrician.

On Monday evening in London as part of the investigation of a series of terrorist attacks, arrested two suspects. The police assume that the detainees are directly involved in trying to carry out a terrorist attack July 21 in the British capital.

No details of the police is not telling. We know only that the suspects detained in the same part of town, where police earlier zastrelila Brazilian electrician, taking him for suicide - in the areas of Clapham and Stokvel. The official representative of Scotland Yard confirmed the arrest of two men in south London. В«They are suspected of incitement to terrorism, or in immediate preparation for a terrorist act - told the police. - Now both are detained in the central office of the London police В».

Amateur photography, shown in the broadcast TV В«BBCВ», captured a man who stood at the red brick house in Stokvele, surrounded by policemen in black masks. The police put the suspect on closed overalls to save for possible examination of the evidence on his clothes.

Meanwhile on Monday, representatives of the British police visited the family of a Brazilian electrician who was shot dead by officers on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities. During the meeting, the police apologized and discussed the amount of compensation. Jean Charles de Meneses, 27 years old, was killed July 22 by eight shots in podzemke - it fired police in plain clothes. В«We feel humiliated, looking to dignity, which kept the relatives of the deadВ», - said the agency Reuters the British ambassador to Brazil Peter Kollekot after visiting family in the town of Gonzaga. He noted that the British side to the results of the investigation will be paid lump-sum compensation, and the balance of power would pay later.

British newspapers write that the family of the deceased electrician may be paid $ 1 million

Meanwhile, the Italian police on Monday said that the suspect arrested in Rome in organizing terrorist attacks on London's transport Hussain Osman, also known as Isaac Hamdi, likely not to islamistkoy group, but merely a member of В«groups fansВ», transmits Reuters. The investigators explained that the detainee does not fit into the portrait of a big party and a well-organized guerrilla network.

В«We have the data on which shows that the actions of Hamdi more like the actions of an improvised group than to work sereznoy organizations, which were broader terrorist projectsВ», - said Head of anti-terrorism department of the Italian police Carlo De Stefano.

De Stefano confirmed that the detainee is cooperating with the investigation.

According to the «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», his conversation with investigators Hamdi began with a statement that the failed July 21 bombings were not linked with any terrorist organization «Al-Qaeda», nor with the July 7 bombings that took the lives of 52 people, not to mention put them on death row.

The detainee confessed that participated in the preparation of explosions on July 21.

like it was in Scotland Yarde, Hamdi blew the bomb at the station Sheprerd's Bush. Confidence confirms police videotape made by cameras. It shows how Osman sits in a train with a black backpack, and after the failed bombing fleeing.

Now the Italian court will decide on the possible extradition of Osman to the UK, insist on what the British authorities. According to the officially appointed lawyer Osman Antonetti Sonessy, he refuses to extradite. This means that the process of his extradition to London will inevitably complicated and extend, perhaps for several months. While Osman contain Roman prison В«Ridzhina KoeliВ».

of British police arrested on suspicion of involvement in the bombings in London's subway 35. 18 of them, including the last detainees still remain behind bars. Among them - four suspected terrorists who tried to carry out bombings in London's public transport on July 21. Two of them came on Friday during a massive police operation in west London. In particular, 27-year-old Muktar Said Ibrahim, who is suspected of trying to attack a bus number 26 in the area Hekni, was arrested at the Dalgarno-Gadnz (District of North Kensington). At Tevistok-poud (District Nottinghill) police arrested Mohammed Ramsey, who was trying to make an explosion at ÐÅÒÅÇÏÎÅ between stations «Stokvel» and «Ouval». London police also questioned the detainee on July 27 in Birmingham 24-year-old and from Somalia, Yassin Hassan Omar, who, according to the police, tried to detonate himself at the station «Warren Street».

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