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Roman Grebennikov, ex-Mayor of Volgograd, "I do not like the politics of intrigue and boltologii."

To Volgograd comes hot holiday season. Some are planning a trip to the Black Sea, while others are sent abroad, and others - to the country near Volgograd. .

Feed mosquitoes and relax from the city. Life does not end the same politicians with the arrival of summer. Moreover, on the eve of the election, only activated. Roman Grebennikov, losing the status of the mayor, is the most recognizable politician in Volgograd. And if his opponents is referred to his opposition, he thinks otherwise Grebennikov. He did not limonovets not radical and even more so - not an admirer of Mr Khodorkovsky. He simply said the obvious failures of party functionaries and government officials. This is true not everyone likes.

In anticipation of change

- Dmitry Medvedev in a speech uttered about the possible return of the election of governors. How about such an initiative?

- Positively. Obviously, the long overdue change. Apparently, President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin - they feel the mood of people who listen to public opinion.

I must admit I was wrong when he suggested that governors should be appointed. I sincerely believe that this is correct. And the thought that the appointment - an element of maintaining the unity of the country. Now I understand that the centripetal direction it is possible to save without depriving people of choice. Absurdity with some governors suggest that the appointment does not remove the top human errors. There is nothing more terrible than democracy. But there is nothing more objective than democracy. Must be election of mayors and governors. Thus it is necessary to toughen the responsibility of managers, clear division of responsibilities between the branches of government, including executive and representative.

Thus, at the municipal representative bodies by two-thirds are now able to renounce the mayor. The mayor should not be a puppet in the hands of the deputies. He should defend the interests of people rather than businesses, which often represents the deputies.

In any case, history will judge us. Maybe at some point verticalization power introduction appointed governors played a positive role - we have moved away from the parade of sovereignties. But the man is difficult to constantly go in the state to tighten their belts. This is a bad influence on the life of the organism. It's time to relax zone.

- will not all agree with you. Appointed governor Anatoly Brovko taking enough steps to embed the active region in the overall Russian economy.

- Yes, he had neither interviewed - that the indicators of macroeconomics, the percentage of inward investment. Stories about how a project is presented in another megaproject, the trips to the international investment forum. He thinks it's a federal trend, which should match. But these activities did not understand the man in the street. Meet the expectations he has to Volgograd. And to communicate to Moscow with their problems. And look for ways to solve these problems. If he had gone through the crucible of the election, there is no trend shone and spoke about how federal officials need to land. Defend regional interests.

Once again. We are no longer willing to elections than in the 90s. I do not idealize this time. But today we are mature enough to choose not only parties in the Duma and the president, but the local authorities.

MPs in a crisis

- In the Volgograd City Duma still can not choose the head of the city. It seems that they do not know how to get out of the current crisis.

- Do not they know out of the crisis, and those who forced them back nicely to enter. As often happens when political expediency prevails over the rule of law. If you can not, but really want, you can. It was impossible to change the charter of Volgograd, but really wanted to. Now, as a result - MPs fear the consequences of their own same reforms. Some risks banishment, others realize that they eventually offered to disband.

- What would you advise them?

- The Board is simple. Return the mayoral election.

- the second time to enter the same river?

- Legally, it is possible. What does the Ministry of Justice? Select a chapter is impossible until 2012. No chapter - the speaker, which means - you can not sign a contract with the city manager. That is, it turns out that the rules do not apply the amended statute now. Because the deputies no one and nothing prevents the return to the population the right to choose and adjust the head of the city charter of the city, changing the principle of forming the executive power in the direction of the townspeople. If the political elite is not able to find their own compromise, give it to people.

However, to make this decision, this idea should come all the deputies, and there are no monolith. Cement the idea of no one. One listen to the governor, the second count on Irina Solovieva, and others, state employees, are torn between their first and second. There is a coalition of Irina Kareva. In my opinion, a thought there is no unity. Apparently, the vote to elect the head without pressure from anyone not enough.

- Townspeople have long ceased to follow the political revolutions taking place in the city. They do not care who does not repair the road - the mayor or city manager.

- I agree that the city does not live the Duma squabbles and scandals. Four months have passed with the appointment of the interim government, and changes are observed. No positive changes for Volgograd Region in terms of increasing funding of city projects or general city budget as a whole does not. Nothing. And these words were profane, gossip, demagoguery.

- four months - a very short time.

- This is a good time for the appearance of the first results. Clearly can not continue our work for no kindergarten, no sports and recreation centers on completion or repair of roads.

not only not progressed, but profukannyh time. The middle of summer - but so far not even had a competition for road works. So, basically, to repair our roads and vnutrikvartalku will at best in October - November.

September 1, we planned to return to free transport to school children and laid the money in the budget to fund this event. Casual workers also do not hasten to remember about the promise Volgograd city government.

- In mass media have reported a possible increase in prices for public transport.

- now do is dangerous, because most people can change seats of the tram, where the ticket will cost 15-18 rubles in the minibus, where the fare is cheaper. And not the fact that the fare will rise to the shuttles, too.

A program of public transport in Volgograd requires speedy resolution. It is unfortunate that stopped the upgrade program of the bus fleet. Ride through the streets of Volgograd, look at the old bus and I think that the new machines will not be soon. Sorry.

- Maybe you said offended pride detached mayor? In addition, the buses themselves have not you drive?

- I do not go. And summer visitors, the townspeople go. All procedures for financing the program were passed before my dismissal, even the contract was signed with the state leasing company to supply a hundred brand-new buses. But to someone's absurd orders, most of all - the instructions above, everything was stopped. No new bus for four months, not bought. Suppose considered unnecessary to update the bus fleet (after all, we have updated it to 70%) - well, buy a trolley. Or trams - are worn close to 90%. There is none. On the eve of the opening of the second stage of light rail we have entered into a contract to supply nine new trams from St Petersburg. These trams are coming. But the program must be developed in four months, because only the new line takes 24 tram.

from dirt - to clean

- Roman G., politics - is dirty. What's so compelling?

- Dirt in politics as much as in everyday life. It's just faster strikes. But one is not limited to dirt. If that word mean boltologiyu, idleness and intrigue, this policy I do not like. Like practical politics with a strong economic activity. This is an opportunity of self-realization.

- After your suspension you are quite successful in business. Nevertheless, no policy can not?

- I guess I can. But if I get, why not be a politician?

- you are now in a good position for the opposition ....

- I doubt that it is so beneficial. I do not accept the struggle for control. No and no again. I'm just talking about the obvious mistakes and human errors. Yes, I am disappointed with some of the actions of regional officials and functionaries of the "ER" in the region. If they came to rescue the "United Russia" in the region, it is necessary to upgrade, we need new staff, new programs, new ideology. None of this in motion at the provincial level, I do not see. Instead of inviting professionals, demonstrates yet another attempt to retouch the present life, to invite the leaders of something as existing organizations, which often only two or three really active members. Instead, qualitative change - only a change of scenery.

- You have repeatedly claimed that talks with the opposition parties. But so far to no one joined. Save the plot, or no one really does not invite? Knowing our politicians, I am inclined to the latter. Every politician knows his place. And let someone else will not.

- Am I going to go to the State Duma? Not decided yet. Are the negotiations? Yes. There is agreement now? Even if they do, then talk about them early.

I get the feeling that the policy for you journalists - it's Duma elections. Believe me, I thought - no happiness in my life and not an end in itself. I have another problem - not so much a hit as the team rid the region of strangers. That is absolutely sincere desire.

- even if it means you will be asked to join the People's Front?

- I received an offer from some people in authority, to join this organization. But today I prefer to remain an observer in this process. I try to formulate their own ideas and make an independent choice.

- It's no secret that the internet forums Volgograd foes more often you commemorate the bad word. You are reading these comments?

- Specially them, of course, are not deductible. But, of course, familiar with the content. Call on the conscience of these young authors is meaningless. I suspect that they do not. I can say that I have already submitted an application to the police department of the Volgograd region on a number of statements prejudicial to my advantage. To be honest, I know all the IP-addresses, which come with these comments. In a private prosecution will talk about bringing to justice those who invent this lie and spreads. And quite frankly I advise not to soil the anonymous reputation, starting his life with such a "dirty" work.

As for abominations about me - it's a lie absolute. If this is all that can anonymous, this once again proves to me in sickness and primitivism customers.

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